Dixie and Our 20 Minute Date. (Maybe 15 minutes)

Let me just preface this by saying, I WAS YOUNG. LIKE 18 YOUNG.

Don’t judge me.

Okay so I’m not sure how we met, a small part of me wants to say he approached me when I was pumping my gas. I had a 1982 Sundance that I could only fill up half way because it would start leaking gas. Talk about humble beginnings. But anyway, clearly I gave him my number and after a few days of chit chat we made plans to go to the movies. Sadly, I don’t remember his name.

I told him that I would meet him there. It was a 6:15pm showing. When I arrived to the movies I was expecting him to either be waiting for me in the lobby area or to have already purchased the tickets and waiting for me at the door.

I didn’t see him, so I called to see how far away he was. He says, “oh nah, I’m inside.”

Yep, like in the theater, inside. So I hung up the phone and stood there for a second…


It’s our first date and he’s not even going to buy the tickets?
Am I being bougie?
I should just leave, I see where this is going
Are we going dutch? 
Jaylynn just get the ticket, it’s not that serious.
But why didn’t he at least wait for me???

So I purchased my ticket and entered the theater. It was dark of course so he, being the gentleman that he was (or nah), waved his phone screen letting me know that he was sitting on the top row. Annoyed and attitude on 100, I walked up and took my seat next to him. The movie had already started.

To my surprise he leaned over and asked me if I wanted some popcorn. I said, no, but asked for some water” Still, annoyed but willing to loosen up and enjoy the date.

About 5 minutes later, I saw someone walking back up who looked just like him, carrying 2 DIXIE cups filled with water. As he got closer, I’m just like this cannot be real life. He sat next to me & started to hand me the water in the dixie cup. I stared in confusion, gathered myself (me, purse, keys) and walked out.

I got to my car and literally laughed until I cried real tears. That was my first crash and burn date. Lol

LESSON: Don’t be Dixie.