If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

I can’t wait when Banktrumpt ends up elected due to the people who are apparently incapable of understanding the conservative propaganda they have bought into that is brought up daily against the Clintons. I can’t wait to grab some popcorn, a Coke, and sit back and laugh as they, their sons, their daughters, are maimed or killed in Trump’s guaranteed wars- one very likely to be fought on US soil, so get ready for bombs being dropped on your neighborhood, no electricity, no money, no food, no water, etc.- because the man is a sociopath who will 100% without fail offend everyone he deals with, and trigger international incident after international scandal.

His policies will destroy everything we’ve worked towards that conservatives have worked against, and you thought things were bad under Bush Jr when we had the Bush Great Recession? Wait until the economy collapses under Banktrumpt. Wait until he starts to build his impossible-to-build xenophobic wall, that will destroy trade, destroy the environment, and cost three to four times of OUR taxpayer money (Mexico has no obligation to pay for us building a wall, period.) Wait until Iran or Russia fly or sail to close to one of our military vessels, and he does what he said he’d do a week ago- “Shoot ‘em”. Which, of course, would instantly start a world war we would lose.

If Hillary doesn’t win- she is by far the most qualified candidate. She is the most honest, as Politifact has pointed out- you know, the PULITZER PRIZE WINNING NEUTRAL FACT CHECKING SITE- out of all of the candidates who ran on either side this election. Not ONE, ever, of her “scandals” has held up under the investigations that have cost us millions upon millions of dollars… If she doesn’t win, make no mistake. The United States of America is dead.

Upset about black people protesting during the anthem by our broken police state? Wait until you kill America by not voting for the competent leader in Hillary. I’ll have both middle fingers up.

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