5 Key Steps in Your Summer Foundation Routine

With summer in full swing, I have condensed my everyday makeup look and fallen into a comfortable routine that is short, sweet, and perfect for summer adventures. Since most of us are enjoying our time outside and interested in a simplified version of our makeup routine, here is a 5 step look that can be done in 10 minutes or less!

  • Step #1: The first step to any foundation routine should be moisturizer, but it’s an especially important step during the hot summer months! It’s important to give our skin plenty of hydration since it will be exposed to the sun more often. While you’re at it, pick one that has some SPF built in so you can protect your skin from the harsh rays while providing moisture at the same time! Apply a small, dime size amount to face and let rest on skin for at least a minute or two to let absorb before our next step! Here is my favorite moisturizer for summertime!
Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 50
  • Step #2: Prime your skin! I know it seems like an “extra” step that isn’t important for a simple foundation routine, but I assure you, it’s arguably the most important step! The right primer will not only create a smooth base for your foundation, but it will increase the longevity throughout the day. Once you have allowed your moisturizer to absorb, apply a thin layer of primer to the center points of your face first (sides of nose, chin, forehead, bridge of nose) then spread evenly to the sides of you face and cheeks. As with the moisturizer, allow it to rest on your skin for a minute or so before going in with step #3! Here is my favorite primer of all time!
Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer
  • Step #3: Apply your favorite foundation or BB cream! With a simple look for summer, I suggest warming some product in your fingertips and applying in small circular motions while massaging the product on your skin. No need to pull out your brushes! A great alternative is using a damp beauty sponge which will give you a sheer, even application. My favorite foundations for summer are more lightweight and somewhat dewy on the finish so it doesn’t look too heavy! I suggest this one by MAC
MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation
  • Step #4: Set your t-zone with a great setting powder that will prevent any creasing or shine! The trick here is to use a setting powder that is translucent so that you don’t end up adding more pigment to skin which can look a bit heavy for this look. Just apply a small amount to a sponge or fluffy brush and pat onto the center parts of your face that are prone to oil. Remember to pat, don’t rub! Try this professional setting powder used by most artists in the makeup industry!
RCMA No Color Powder
  • Step #5: This is it! Our final step in creating a beautiful summer face is to use a great setting spray to seal in all your products! The great this about setting spray is that it does several things at once. It creates a barrier on the skin that will make your makeup last longer, it refreshes the skin and gives it some moisture, plus it takes away any extra powder that lies on the skin to prevent you from looking powdery! Want to snag the one of the best ones around? Here it is.
MAC Fix+