Review: Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Just in time for summer, Tarte cosmetics has launched a new collection dedicated to beauty products that serve a dual purpose. From lipsticks, to eyeshadow palettes and everything in between. I was dying to get my hands on the foundation in this collection because as the title suggests, it is marketed as a hybrid gel foundation that pulls double duty as skincare! Once the collection launched in February, 2016, I rushed to my local Ulta to pick up some of the items including this foundation.

Tarte claims this foundation has the following benefits:

  • Biopolymer filling spheres: Expanding spheres help smooth surface imperfections while promoting water retention and hydration
  • Hyaluronic acid: Naturally-occurring ingredient in the human body which delivers moisture, firmness and suppleness
  • Barley extract: Helps restore the lipid barrier to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant free radical fighter that helps prevent premature signs of aging and brightens skin

Sounds amazing right? Especially for those summer months where our faces get exposed to the elements more often, we need an extra boost of skincare! While I was a bit skeptical about such high claims from a mid-range company, I couldn’t help but be excited once I felt the quality of the packaging and felt the product itself.

The foundation comes in a frosted glass jar with a stunning gold lid with purple detail. The jar contains a generous 1oz amount of product which is more than many other foundations on the market, especially considering it’s price point of just $39.00 USD.

After several months of daily use, I have created a list of pros and cons.

Pros: As described by Tarte, the foundation looks and feels like a lightweight gel but transforms on the skin into a smooth liquid once applied. Since it is a full coverage foundation, it easily covers redness, hyper pigmentation, and other blemishes but the nature of this product leaves the skin slightly dewy without dryness. It blends like a dream with fingertips, foundation brush, or a wet beauty sponge. I loved the idea of wearing this foundation all day knowing I was simultaneously recieving skin care benefits.

Cons: While Tarte labeles this foundation as having lasting power of 12 hours, I found mine to start to sheering out and breaking up in my t-zone after 9 hours or so. While this is still a full day of wear, it didn’t quite meet up the the standard held by Tarte. I also wish this foundation came with a small spatula to get the product out of the jar. They do sell one separately but I would like to have had one included in the price due to sanitary issues. Lastly, I would like if this line had a more extensive color range to accommodate women and men of color. The deepest shade offered in this line is not a representation of all skin tones.

Overall, this is a beautiful foundation that is perfect for summertime! I recommend this foundation to anyone with normal to dry skin that enjoys a full coverage base with added skin enhancing properties. Want to check it out yourself? Purchase here: