Letter Of Love And Advice To My Daughter On Her 14th Birthday.

My darling Lucy,
Have I ever told you that your name means “light” and that is exactly what you do, you light up my world! Just seeing your smile brings me overwhelming joy.

I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I went into labor the day before my 30th birthday. Right from the word go you just had to do things your way.

You were stubborn and decided that you were not coming out the way we all expected. You decided you wanted to be born sideways and as much as you tried that was not going to happen. So after 16 long hours of labor, you finally entered the world through an emergency cesarean, 4 minutes before my birthday.

I was not very well after you was born, so it was not really until the next day I really saw you. There you were so beautiful with your big blue eyes and reddish hair.

I could hardly believe you were mine, and your brothers were so excited to have a sister. Nanny and Bapy had finally got their first granddaughter after 5 grandsons.

The years have flown by so quickly, your first words, first steps and first day of school, growing into a teenager. Each year has always been special with you.

You have always had a smile on your face and kindness in your heart. You always had a love of knowledge and wanted to explore. You are very clever and always have top grades.

I love your imagination. You sing beautifully, though you get embarrassed to sing in front of people, but I do smile when I catch you singing in the shower.

I want to tell you I am so proud of the young woman you have become. You are a beautiful human being and exemplify all the above characteristics. Your kindness, caring and compassion I see daily. Your passion for knowledge and exploration are evident on a daily basis.

I wanted to give you some advice and share a few things I have learned along the way. Life is a journey, it is a lesson and you will make many mistakes during this journey. The thing about mistakes is we learn from them, When you find your path in life, you must not be afraid. You need to have courage to step forward and even to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are tools just as achievements and happiness are. Life gives us these tool to show us the way to go, you just gotta learn to read the signs.

You’ll make mistakes. Make them. That’s where growth happens. Learn from those mistakes because if you continue to make them, they are no longer mistakes but choices. I have made many mistakes during my life, but that is OK, they have made me stronger as they will you.
Make lots of friends and surround yourself with people who inspire, understand, love you and make you feel good about being you!

No matter how many times you hear it, “Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend.” Real friends are invaluable. They are trusting and loyal. They stick with you through good times and bad, happy or sad. Some will come and go, but your true friends will be with you always.

Try to keep at least one childhood connection. The friends that witnessed what helped shape you are sacred and irreplaceable. I have been blessed to have many long standing friends, I hope you have the same.

By the way just so you know, smart is the new cool. Never be ashamed of being smart or nerdy or loving science and math. Smart never goes out of style, it stays with you as you grow, and it will lead you down the most successful paths.

See the world. Experience new cultures, religions, people, and places. Open your heart and mind to the tremendous benefits of seeing new things.

Have confidence in yourself. A positive self-image assures power, strength, ability, and value. It will enable you to conquer your goals and allow you to fearlessly pursue your biggest dreams.

Take care of your body, it is the only one you have. Learn from your mothers mistakes, give your body the proper fitness and nutrition that will fuel you for success. And remember no matter the shape or size, you are perfect the way you are.

I love how you stand up for what you believe is right. Remember Lucy the greatest things were not achieved by following the crowd but from leading one. Do what you believe is right and never falter to the pressures of others beliefs.

Live your life with purpose and give purpose to your life. Never turn a blind eye to someone in need. Remember that doing good deeds will reap the greatest benefits.

Do something that you enjoy all by yourself once in a while. Enjoy your own company. That is something that took me a long while to do.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with people, not everyone will think the same as you.

We all have to go through things, lots of nice things and some hurtful. You will get your heart broken, but know this, YOU WILL RECOVER!

There may be a love that you never quite get over. You may always feel a longing, and that’s OK. It means that you’ve loved deeply, and was strong enough to let go. You may even break someone’s heart. Forgive yourself. We’re all just learning.

Never be afraid to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone, throw caution to the wind & give it a try. You might surprise yourself by what you can accomplish. Don’t ever try to fit a mold. Break them You are your own person!

Most of this will mean nothing to you, read it again in about 10 years, then it will

You are the best birthday gift I have ever had and I feel blessed every single day that I was able to be a mother to you and your brothers.

I love the time we spend together. Most of all I am proud to have you as my daughter and my friend.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. Wherever you go, be the light.
Love always Mum xxxxx

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