The Venn

The engineer.

What do you want to be when you grow up”

I remember getting asked that question numerous times when I was a kid and in as much as I don’t remember all the answers, engineer was never one of them.

Doctor and pilot were my most obvious responses so I topped my primary school exams(well actually I joint topped with a pal who is playing professional football now) and got into a provincial high school. A top 10 finish from my final exams could only get me into all the engineering courses but not medicine; piloting was not an option at this point(too expensive for my folks).

So there I was in campus doing a 5 year course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Fate? I don’t know!

The coder

Am not one of those nerds who got introduced to computers/programming in their pre teen years. I started coding in my second semester of first year in campus. Started with VB 6 then HTML. So I went online and got all the tutorials I could get my hands on and started out by customizing sample codes. Then in second year me and my mentor(guy who introduced me to coding) formed the club League of Programmers which has since morphed into a company. Our mission, to turn the university into a Digital place. We would have to wait until June 2013 to see the “fruits of our labor”. The Moi university online hostel booking system went live to much accolades from my fellow students and so did my 3rd,4th & 5th years of campus. In hindsight, I think I could have done some more work on the UI than the template I used.

The UX/UI Designer

Am just getting started in UX and UI. I’ve always felt that in as much as am very good with server side scripting, most of my works lack that aesthetic feel. I mean they are good but not awesome, and in my world, just good doesn’t cut it.

So now am getting all the resources I can on UX/UI from places like UXPin, Smashing magazine articles and some medium posts to learn how I can improve my front end design.

And now my bedroom wall is a beautiful mess.

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