If you don’t use one of these 5 Apps, we’re sorry, you’re “old school”

Life has truly evolved beyond the imagination of anyone older than twenty years of age.

Many things we used to only imagine possible have now become part of our daily routines even to the point where we sometimes take them for granted.

As casual as we now see video calls and other such activities, there was once a time we were overly grateful to be able to send letters and wait for weeks and even months for a response.

Some people, however, have chosen to remain behind in the tech evolution and due to personal scruples gladly embrace the “Old school” status.

Below are apps which separate the new school from old school.

Ride Hailing App
  1. Ride Hailing Apps: Like it or not, the use of these apps are no longer a novelty. Uber, Taxify, Lyft and others play a key role in making life easy as they deliver a comfortable taxi service to users on the push of a button. Many “Old school” people however, choose to manually hail their cabs even with the extra convenience a ride hailing app accords.
Bounce News App

2. Personalized News aggregation apps: Not just an app which offers a wide variety of news content, but many young millennials now use apps like the Bounce news app which use machine learning properties to serve personalized and selected news content. More than just surfing the web, these apps help many new school people keep up with updates they select, quieting the junk of random news.

Social Media App Icons

3. Social media App: If you are not on any social media or don’t use any, then you might be even beyond old school. Social media apps have revolutionized communication to the point where we can all keep up without having to be together. Relationships, careers, “techvolution” all owe a large part of their advancement to social media.

4. Navigational apps: Apps like the ever trusty google map helps us avoid getting lost, and makes it easier to describe our location to a person of interest. Possessing the a location app is more than a necessity to a millennial, but a must have given our spirit of adventure and exploration.

5. Caller identification App: With apps like Truecaller and others, many new school individuals are able to identify callers even without previously having their contact details. This helps them communicate better and spot foul play when an impersonator tries to reach them.

So if you do not use any of these apps …….. *winks*