The Stifled Creative: Rebellion

Some of the greatest love stories had nothing in common with the “Cinderella” or “Snow white” kind we heard as kids, or bonds of family blah blah blah. Nothing to do with interpersonal relations so to speak.

They were stories of true romance between a man and his passions and desires. His ‘work’ if we must use the generic word which brings to mind a picture of sweat and suffering to a particular end.

Only a few ever get to tell these stories today.

Seeing how the state of the country has reduced the chances of pursuing personal goals of greatness, herding most people like sheep into the labour market, employers have become mini-gods walking the earth, trampling on the souls of staff as they see fit.

Especially in a country where the lack of enforceable labour laws makes most appointment contracts worth less than the paper upon which they are written, but for the minute evolution since Egyptian times, whips and shackles might have been part of the average worker’s daily routine.

A boss (who was not even a National) once said in an email reacting to a worker’s disagreement with his line head over creativity and working overtime; “Whatever he says, just do it, or you are fired!!!”

Not the right thing, not the ethical thing, not even the professional thing, just what the line head says. And i daresay having to enforce it in such a way calls to question the task itself.

Having to condone the excesses of a boss is something we are all taught or in most cases, forced to do during our careers as professionals. If not anything else, because they control the paycheck and might determine what our next employers might consider before employing us:; “Take whatever trash they throw at you as long as you won’t die!!”

Yes, kudos to those ‘great leaders’ who retain enough of their humanity to have good intentions for drowning their employees in work, or setting impossible targets. Those ones make you somewhat better at least. The problem is with those who stifle your growth while making you uncomfortable, limiting your abilities to what they feel you can or cannot do with your own life, most likely because they have none themselves.

A good look at the personalities and achievement of these ‘bosses’ would show how their lack of creativity and structural planning, absence of emotional intelligence, and mediocrity of mind trickles into their work. Someone who hides under statements like “its all about the job and nothing else, don’t take it personal, that’s why you are being paid, if you don’t do it i would get someone else who can.”

Relishing the power over their employees or subordinates more than making actual profit, the concept of ‘making a new’mistake’ spells doom for the passionate of heart working under them.

I personally would have offered solutions like quitting till the right job offer comes, applying oneself and enduring till an opening to strike out comes, or maintaining one’s passion till it gets them fired and they have to look for another job, but at this point you should have already guessed that i’m in no position to offer any advice. I am a product of the system after all.