The confused traveller Part II

ATM machine near Place de République, Paris France
Of all books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of your passport. — Unknown

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So, this genius is ready to go for a journey and forgets his passport at home. We had no other choice, we had go back to his hometown to get his passport. During the one hour train journey, I recognized had only one average sized backpack and nothing else. Why ? He has everything what he needs, there’s no need for more, he said. Sure ? Sure ! Except his passport of course, haha. Probably maybe some few other things.

I asked him when he did starting to pack, last night before sleeping ? No. Soo… when then ? With an innocent smile on his face, he replied honestly, this morning. No wonder, he had forgotten his passport at home !

After we collected his passport, we had to spend a third time on search for a new train connection. The next possible connection was Zurich -Basel- Strasbourg (F) -Paris. So we jumped from one train to the next one. We had until Strasbourg (F) a lot of fun and good conversations. But on the highspeed train to Paris, I felt a little bit tired. If I’m sleepy, but can’t really sleep, I do like to read a book until the last piece of energie is gone. I remembered Sam told me once, he’s not a reader. He prefers to listen to music and look at the landscape. After a while I recognized he wasn’t listening to music, he wasn’t reading, he wasn’t doing anything at all. I asked him, where his earphones were. Chilled he answered, that he didn’t took them along. So how is he supposed to hear to music without any earphones ? We have do get him a pair in Paris ! Oh no, there’s no need for it, he has no music on his phone anyway. WTF ?!

I didn’t understand the World. Paris wouldn’t be our final destination, I couldn’t believe he would just stare out the window for hours over hours. It would be kinda weird as well. So he started to explain me, that one month ago, when he was in colombia some people stole his expensive smartphone. This phone he’s using now, was just bought at the last moment.

Instead at 12 o’clock how it was planned, we arrived in Paris at about 4 o’clock afternoon. How I said, Paris wasn’t our final destination, at this day it had to be London. After missing one train after another one, we didn’t have any train conection left over on this day. At the same time our informations from the internet told use that there’s no nightbus and we just missed our last bus connection to London. We refused to believe that.

What if this is an old information ? What if there’s enough people like use, who wants to drive through the night and the company realized that ? What if…

So we decided to go to the busstation without any expectations so we couldn’t get disappointet. And what happened ? We were enough naive to just pretend we didn’t know it better and asked the guy there if there are nightbuses to London.

Mais Oui ! Yes of course ! I excpected everything, but not that. 10 o’clock would it be and 10 o’clock shall it be ! We bought the tickets without questioning it.

So we had still 4 hours left over, until the bus will drive off. We decided to take the metro without any idea to where we want to go. We jumped off at the Place de Rébuplique station and realized two minutes later we were just in the middle of a demostration. It was just an insane situation. Just after our dinner and we left this neighborhood, the big fight between police officers and protesters began.

Yeah of course it was a risky situation. But we wouldn’t met all this interesting personalities and hear all this storys about their worries and problems of the protesters. Of course it was silly from sam to forget his passport. We wouldn’t miss all this trains, but we would miss all this opportunities. Because the best stories are not planable, the best stories are written by the actions you do or you don’t.

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