Weekly Five #12

Another week is coming to an end. You made it! Have you done your Black Friday shopping yet? Here are some nice deals!

Without further ado, here are the links for this week.

1. How hurricanes are made

This amazing visualisation from NASA shows how sea salt, dust, and smoke particles travels across the world and how hurricanes are formed over the oceans.

2. Google Maps gets a new look

More personalized locations and a new color palette are among some of the changes in the app.

3. Designercize

A whiteboard design exercise generator to get those creative UI juices flowing. Also with a crazy good retro look.

4. Sketch files to iOS, Andoid and web

A while back we had a link to one of Airbnb’s latest experiments with generating code from lo-fi wireframes by utilizing component-based design systems. Lona is a (highly experimental) tool focusing on just this.

5. Black Friday live streamed

Shopify is tracking and streaming their merchants sales in their systems throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At the time of writing this, the sales per minute is over $290,000.

Have a great weekend!

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