How to Survive Rejection and Become a Bulletproof Writer
Audra Russell

Quite the inspirational article. Thanks so much for sharing.

I’ve been rejected so many times I just take it for granted now. I mean, I never expect to receive a yes, so I hope that when it will come (hoping one day it will) it will be a nice surprise.

What really depresses me at the moment is agents’ new attitude of not even reject. They just don’t reply, not even to say, sorry not for us. 
I recently sent a submission to an agent, sending exactly the kind of story she was looking for. I waited the 12 weeks she adviced it might take to get an answer, then I waited three more weeks. Then I query about my submission to the email he agency acknowledged my submission from. 
No reply.
I weited six more weeks, I looked up the agent’s personal email and query there. 
Again, no answer.

It’s not even the obvious rejection, it’s the fact that agents don’t even give us the few seconds it takes to send us that rejection. That’s where I feel really cheap.