Mind Vs. Matter Water Reveals The Winner

Mind vs. Matter… Water Experiment Proves Thought Can Manipulate Matter…

Sample From Water Experimenter

Dr. Maseru Emoto performed a groundbreaking experiment that used water to prove that mind has the power to manipulate matter. He took pure water sample from the same source then had monks pray various intentions and words like Love and hate over the samples . As you can see on the picture the results were astounding!

If thoughts can do that to water imagine what our thought can do to us and other people.

That is a natural question to ask after learning such a profound truth about the effects words can have on matter. Image what kind of damage laser focused thought with high emotion could do? Have a close up look at some of the signaled out words and their effect on these pure water sample.



You fool I hate you:

Microwave test

“That Which You Can Conceive You Can Achieve”

In conclusion. The experiment demonstrated that human mind power has an impact on people places and things. It takes the title vs matter. Indeed Mind Is Over Matter. And we know from the law of attraction there are only two vibrations going out from a person at any giving time. Positive or Negative. They go out and return through people, places, and things that match the frequency. In other words like attracts like. If this is true then it is critical that we guard our minds from negativity. And as much as possible and focus on all that is good in life. Practicing the Golden Rule

But how many of us practice aligning our self with this great law? Like say push ups one can only do a couple at most if out of shape at first. Yet with consistency and determination it gets easier the more exercise the muscles. After seeing this beautiful experiment. It is bound to spark positive action in someone’s life. And in turn cause a chain reaction changing many lives for the better.

What If? What if we mastered being in alignment with universal law? Pictures like this wouldn’t seem so far out after all…:)

Levitating man


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