New Music Thursday

Coldplay and Artymove

I’ve decided to start “New Music Thrusday” because:

  • New music Monday is cliche.
  • I thought about doing it today while painting my room.
  • I have pretty good taste in music if I say so myself (I asked my sister and she said no but she’s irrelevant)

Now we’ve covered the basics lets get started…

Everglow -Coldplay

Everglow was one of the first singles released from Coldplay’s highly anticipated album A Head Full Of Dreams. Which just so happens to come out tomorrow (yes I will be staying up until it comes out. Thanks for asking.) I’m trying not to be bias here because in my eyes Coldplay has never put anything out less than absolutley amazing, they can do no wrong and if you think so we can take it outside. ( “Outside” is the name of a Froyo spot where we can talk it out peacefully.) In all honestly, when I first heard Everglow I thought of swallowed in the sea which is a song form Coldplay’s 2005 X & Y album (another great song you should go listen to.) It sounds like a traditional Coldplay song which I’m super okay with it because traditional Coldplay is the best Coldplay. I have a feeling this album will be on the upbeat side so im excited to see how that goes. Also if Coldplay is really playing the Halftime show next year I would totaly be okay with them just playing slow songs for 15 minutes and watching everyone in the stadium call their exes while What If plays in the background.

#NoBetterMoment- Artymove

Why am I on a SlowJams roll here, anyway this song is pretty cool and it’s even cooler that there’s a meaning that goes along with it ,because songs with meaning are best songs…(No shade to club bangers though,we need something to dance to.) #NoBetterMoment is more than just a cool song with a meaning it was created with the goal of raising more awareness for a binding climate agreement. (I had to look up what that was which is even more reason why this song is so important.) Bringing awareness to currents events through art is something I’ve always been down for so everything about this song is great. #COP21

Update : In the Midst of editing it was brought to my attention that Coldplay’s Album had been released so obviously I had to stop everything I was doing and listen to it with my eyes closed. Tell me what songs I should listen to for next week.