Stopping Trump Part 4

© John Christopher Nicholas 2017

Donald Trump, as president is very dangerous. I fear for personal liberties, I fear for the economy, but mostly I fear for the world we leave to the young.

Four groups were responsible for his rise to the presidency: Jeffersonian idealists, Laissez-faire capitalist, tribe Trump, and the real silent majority.

Trump is a very smart, very immature, egomaniac. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and feels entitled to his privilege. Above all he wants to be loved. He is the classic bully.

There is a fourth group in Trump’s election: the real silent majority. Blacks, women, young, Latinos, the poor… silent in that too many did not vote, too many avoid politics, too many felt defeated and thereby allowed Trump to win.

We need change, but change for the better, not change for the worse. We need a government dedicated to the common welfare, We need a society that is healthy, well educated, free from poverty, respecting the human rights of all.

Many in this group, particularly the young, are supporters of Bernie Sanders. Like Tribe Trump they wanted change. They were tired of a two party system where neither party seemed to care about governance or the general welfare of the people, all they cared about was winning; winning had become a game. These “Sanderites” were also fed up with a system of politics that was bought by the rich, manipulated by the rich, and most of all was for the rich.

When their candidate was defeated in the primary, and that defeat was partially because the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had manipulated the system and the DNC’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, who only timidly reached out to the “Sanderites” … why bother to vote, politicians, all of them, don’t give a damn!

There was another factor keeping the young from voting … one the older generation had thrust upon them: Yes, you have the right to vote, but voting is really for the elders, you are too young and lack the maturity to vote wisely.

Others, the poor, blacks, hispanics… many in this grouping simply felt abandoned by an uncaring government… disenfranchised… why bother?

Hispanics were also silenced by fear. Fear that if they draw attention to themselves they endanger their mother or father, or neighbor to deportation.

Muslims, again a group silenced by fear, not of deportation but of some latter day KKK burning their home or mosque or being lynched.

Blacks, a group become complacent, feeling that in national politics their rights are secure and concentrating more on the local level, particularly the police. I fear Jim Crow still lives and without your vigilance and solidarity, he will once again rise and strip you of your rights.

The working poor, for years government accused them of embezzling welfare money, placing increasingly bureaucratic measures to keep them “honest”, meanwhile giving billions to banks and auto companies in compensation for their greed and corruption. Consider… Working poor short term loan: source: private Payday loan, limited to a few hundred dollars, interest rate 36% plus fees. Deutsche Bank “bailout” loan: source: government, amount, according to the GAO, $345 billion, interest rate: Under 2%.

The working poor sees a system working against them, feels defeated. Why bother?

Jews, Women and LBGT community, too passive, assuming the rights they had won are secure.

When someone engages in “locker room talk” about women, or for that matter, Hispanics or blacks, or… it is not innocent talk, it reveals their true feelings of dominance. It should not be dismissed as innocent for it is anything but innocent.

The real silent majority: as a group you are the majority; break your silence, cease being passive … act!

Youth: Vote, scream, and be powerful. I do not know how the older generation made you feel disenfranchised, but it is time you cast off this shackle and make yourselves heard.

Women: cast off male dominance … just do it!

Poor: you may not have time or money, but you do have the vote. Use it!

Latinos: In a sense you are the new Irish. Get involved in politics at all levels. You have the votes, use them!

Blacks, Native Americans: do not let them once again steal your rights.

LBGT community: ditto

There many tribes in the silent majority, do not bicker… work toward your common good. To a large extent, white man stole this country from Native Americans by exploiting tribal differences. Don’t let it happen again.

The question before us is: do we want a government of the people, for the people, and by the people or do we want a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich?