For My Consideration

Self reminder that I’m intentionally starving myself and I need to eat

“You need to write things. You need to write things. You need to write thi-”
I Know!
“Well you clearly don’t since you haven’t written jack.”
I’m aware of the fact that I have a lot of things I want to write down and that I STILL haven’t done so with basically any of it.
“You ever think you should, at the very least, take notes?”
Shut up.
“Ignorance is just getting you nowh-”
Nowhere, I get it. It’s just….
“What. No, really what? What is consistently ceasing you from writing down a single sentence of a possible draft?”
I just….don’t know what to write.
“The hell you do!”
You know what I mean, I mean I just don’t know if I would want one thing to be written down like that, because if I do it may be permanent even though I could change it later and there were better things I had in my head when I originally thought of them and so I’m constantly running back to square one with each additional piece I come up with and I can’t concentrate right now because so much rambling and overthinking is making me feel very hot-headed!
“Alright, alright, calm down, calm down.”
*Disgusted moan* I can’t keep going like this; I feel like I’m going insane. Fucking mental.
“You’re always claiming that, hell who am I to judge on that? Look, you just need to breathe.”
*Deep inhale through nose* *Deep exhale through nose* *Deep inhale through nose* *Deep exhale through mouth*
I can do this. I just have to find a spot, say words in my head, and then write them down as I go along. It’s not set in stone; just say whatever comes naturally and it should sound right as long as you’re staying true to the story.
“Don’t listen to those voices you think are the ones that matters, what matters right now is your own voice, your own clear conscience that is simply focused on making a message and presenting it thoroughly.”
*Deep inhale* *Deep exhale* *Deep inhale* *Deep exhale* *Deep inhale* *Exhale* *Inhale* *Exhale* *Inhale* *Inhale* *inhale* *inhale*

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