Welcome. Welcome to my abode….. What even is an abode? Like who came up with that word to describe one’s residence? Anyway. You’re probably wondering what you’re doing here. Or maybe you’re wondering what I’m doing here. Well, my presence is not important; I’m only here as a voice, and to give you some perspective. You see, you’ve come along quite the journey, haven’t you? Fighting off against relentless enemies, going forth on a quest to fulfill some kind of elongated goal for yourself, making friends and learning more about them along the way. I’m sure it’s all been memorable. Yet, here you are…unsatisfied. Shouldn’t you be happy? You’ve made it this far and you’re almost to the end, doesn’t this mean you’ve made all the best possible choices for yourself?

……I know. You didn’t want to make the enemies you’ve made during all of this, you’ve caused rivalries and pure hatred upon those you either have or would have deemed as family, friends, people you care for and don’t want to see get hurt. Yet, you were forced a choice, pick one side or the other or go rogue. You thought you could make this right. You thought you could change their minds. You thought you could fix your mistakes. And when fixing it one way didn’t work, you went back and decided to go with the other side to see if you could work better with them. You failed to do so. So you took the third option and seceded against both sides and thus you found yourself between a rock and two hard places. Both sides don’t win, and your forever stuck with the knowledge that you can’t mend these sides together. How does that make you feel? Does that frustrate you? Infuriate you? Sadden you? How could people who you’re suppose to love so much turn against you at that sharp a turn of a dime? It’s sad, isn’t it? You want everyone to live. You want everyone to be happy. You want to be the seal that bonds the ones who raised you and the ones that birthed you. But, you can’t.

This may bring you to madness knowing that the odds are stacked against you, that you’ll never have it your way. Isn’t that cruel? How you can have such immense power to outdo your mistakes and yet such fates are sealed without any alternative. You can alter fates all you want, but some parts you can never change. She is either going to die or live, but at the cost of others, I see that melancholy in your eyes. You’ve seen it, relived it, prevented it and done it again. I share those exact eyes, but maybe not as strongly as you do. However, unlike you, I’ve learned to accept it, that doesn’t make me happy about it in the slightest, but at least I’m honest about it. I told you once before that I gave up a long time ago, I’ve been in your shoes. And odds are you’re going to think the same way towards someone else when you see them because you Will see them. And you’ll tell this same story to them all because, like me, you will have seen it all and accept that it’s how this works. It doesn’t matter if this is a game to you, me, or any of us, it’s real to somebody here and it is the way it has to be. You’re not getting a happy ending, they don’t exist. Death is death, there’s no way around it.

I trust this has been informative on you, and I’m sorry for making you more sad about this whole thing than you were when you came here. I just think you needed to know this, if not going in, then at least leaving. So, go ahead. Finish this. Show yourself that you can end a journey, it’s not like anyone else is going to be there to indulge in your victory.

Oops, I seem to have struck a nerve there, didn’t I.

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