Your Vision Won’t Fully Come True, and That’s Okay

or “Dancing With Nobody Watching”

Do you ever have that feeling when you grasp a realization, revelation, or a new idea or message that you want to share with the world but aren’t able to show it in the way you originally envisioned it? I know I do. Hell, I had that while finding the message behind this blog, which is this:

When it comes to having a newfound revelation and presenting it to others, it’s as if breaking a new world record with no one to see it. You know that such a thing does exist and you want to show it, but you don’t have any easy way to, and so you need to show it again, but this time to others. The problem is you won’t be able to copy it exactly, it’s going to have flaws and your not going to be precise with your original execution. This can either be good or bad for you as this means your randomly set delivery can be better or worse than you intended, whether or not the latter is still acceptable is up to the viewers.

A lot of us have doubt that our practical skills don’t measure to what we can mentally create and while that is true, we do still have skills that are able to achieve A feat. Just because our minds set such a high bar on us doesn’t mean we can’t deliver something spectacular or even beyond what was even seen in our imagination.

Bottom line, don’t be afraid about your lack of ability to bring 100% of your vision to life, you Won’t remember all of it as our minds are just shifty when it comes to memory, but don’t let that stop you. I thought up this topic, at the time of writing this sentence, three and a half hours ago and I tried to maintain it as a simple message without overthinking it and without drifting it away into my subconscious but even then I couldn’t recapture the entirety of my original delivery which, to me, was short, sweet, to the point, and effective in its message. Is that ironic or just speaking for itself? Either way, just go with whatever your capturing in the moment, even if your trying to seize the fading words of a past thought and especially don’t let that anxiety keep you from making your message be heard now, otherwise you’ll find your world record was already beaten by two other guys and all you get is a bronze medal.

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