Fantasy Land

As I was sitting in my living room the other day, practically melting into my couch, I was explaining to my roommate the current situation with a few of my NFTs that I own. How they work, what they do, and what I expect out of them both short, and long term. After a brief back and forth, he remarked “You live in a fantasy land.” a response that many of us, I’m sure, have been faced with. At first, I brushed this off as the typical backlash we get in this community by those who consciously refuse to open their mind up to out of the ordinary life and financial pathways. After not thinking about this again for several days, those words flashed back into my head unexpectedly. Originally said to me with a negative connotation, I’m sitting here wondering if this so called “Fantasy Land” is such a bad thing.

Similarly to other hobbies, crypto, and more specifically NFTs, are an all-around immersion into what is an entirely new world. Why does anybody watch sports? Why does anybody go to the gym? Hell, why does anybody do anything? The answer is simple. To escape the harsh realities of the everyday world, ever downtrodden by life and its bleakness.

In my short 5 months in this virtual universe, which has truly felt like far longer, I have made numerous connections with artists, web developers, and fellow traders of all backgrounds, from all over the world. With Covid always present and looming, it feels as though we are void of the everyday connections and interactions that we had prior to the pandemic. Life feels much lonelier, in vastly higher volumes than it used to. My daily check-ins on Discord and Twitter with said connections have proven to be among the most refreshing moments of my days and weeks.

For those like myself, we have nosedived into a virtual world picking up highly unique language and habits that are nothing other than normal in this seemingly metaphysical land. This, to me, screams community. Many of what I deem my closest current connections to others are in this space, without which I would never be able to have made friends who are artists, web developers, coders, and more. NFTs have created such a strange, obscure, and oddly specific set of shared experiences for all of us, that it’s brought all types of people together, and that, I am thankful for.

So why is our fantasy land such a cause for belittlement? We’re making friends and connections. Learning about everything both NFT related and not. All while creating a legitimate source of revenue, in some cases out-paying people’s everyday 9–5 jobs. This certainly beats the alternative, doesn’t it not?

So rejoice my metaversal comrades. Let us spam our “wen”s on every platform, shout our “Hodl”s from the rooftops, and share all the “alpha” we have, proving our “fantasy land” to be much, much, more real than that which encompasses it. Onward to generational wealth, and memes, always memes.



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