Simple Steps To Make Your Roadside Assistance Call Easy

We’ve all been there, your car takes a nose-dive into a ditch, or simply you need help changing a tire. It’s a frustrating situation that can easily make your day go from good to bad. But remember, this is not anyone else’s fault (on some occasions it may be your own fault). However, your Roadside Assistance Agent is not a warlock/witch that can make things instantly happen. So follow these steps to make that call easy for you and them.

Step 1: Breathe, and calmly analyze the situation

Yelling on the phone is not going to get you help faster. In fact, you most likely sound like a buffoon to the Agent trying to help you. So instead of screaming, why not breathe in, and let the Agent help determine the most cost-effective services that apply to your policy.

Step 2: Know your policy, and where your policy number is

If you’re like my Roadside Assistance, they’re not allowed to view my policy limits as it is a privacy concern because they are the third party dispatcher. The only thing they get is a pop that says if my services are covered. So please review yours and ask what you can and cannot do within your policy. Next, if you are unable to locate your policy number please know what the search parameters are; last name, first name, billing address or zip code. Not everyone uses your SSN, so be kind and ask.

Step 3: Know if you added Roadside Assistance to your Policy

Just because you have comprehensive coverage does not mean you have roadside assistance. Please remember to ask what the difference is, Roadside Assistance is usually a program you need to add on and you pay a separate fee for it.

Step 4: Answer the questions

Your Roadside Agent is not clairvoyant, they can not see through the wormhole to fill in the service order that needs to be given to the service/tow provider. So be kind and answer the questions, the call will end faster.

Step 5: Mapping

The Agent has no bloody idea where you are, they are usually in a call center not in your state. So even if you activate GPS, it may not always work, be kind enough to take a moment and relay roads, intersections, directions, and landmarks. Know what city and state you’re in. And don’t ask “did you find me yet?” The Agent is trying.

Step 6: Service Providers and Tow Trucks don’t pop up out of thin air on whim

Please be aware, these service providers and tow services have other people who require assistance too. You are not the only person in distress. If you live in a state with inclement weather it is also a lot harder because those services are stretched thin at the point. If you are in the middle of nowhere, and the police ask you if you would like help, take it. Service providers can’t say no to Police, they can say no to your insurance.

Step 7: Service Providers don’t always bring tires, or serpentine belts, etc.

On some rare occasions Service Providers go above and beyond to help those who need it, but don’t always expect it. It was a one time fluke.

Step 8: Stop Yelling!

-no comment-

Step 9: Wait Time

Do not get mad at 45 minute to 60 minute Estimated Time of Arrival. In weather-inclement states, you should be amazed if you can get a 2 hour ETA. You are not the only person on the planet. If you are in a emergency situation, call the local authorities and have them provide assistance. But just like everyone else, you’re going to have to wait. Asking if the service is on it’s way will not make them come faster.

Step 10: Use Common Sense

If you’re key is stuck in the ignition, the Roadside Agent will ask if you want the vehicle towed. Don’t get mad when they ask because you forgot to mention that you locked yourself out of the car. If you’re car is nearing the empty line, go fill up your tank, don’t drive 30 miles on it. Try to avoid all semi-trucks, but try not to end up in a ditch.

Be kind and contentious and the Agent will do the same to you. Remember they’re just trying to help.

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