The amount of Reactionary Kobe Defenders that WON’T show up on this comment thread will reveal all…
Robbie Blasser

I would disagree on the long-term negative effects of the Mamba 2016 Circle Jerk. Lakers culture has always been about coddling their stars and they turned it up to 11 for Kobe since Dwight walked, Gatsby was too broken to do anything but retire, and the achilles didnt heel [1] as well as everyone hoped.

[1] pun intended 😂

DLo, JC, Randle, Nance, and even Ingram all probably want that treatment after giving 20 years to one team. Kobe got the GOAT treatment cuz he earned it and the Lakers wanted to show their loyalty/tank at the same time. Look at what Rilez did to the Heat. You think stars didn’t take notice?

[2] whether or not they will even be wanted for two decades is another story
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