Closing my Uber chapter…

It feels surreal but I had my last day at Uber this week. Closing this chapter of my career was difficult. So, as I sat down to write my final email, I wanted to do something a little bit different. Below is the note I sent to my colleagues to share my perspective. The reaction was wonderful and more than I could have expected. It resonated and for that reason I’m sharing it! Enjoy.

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know today is my last day at Uber. The NYC office has been my home away from home for the last 4.5 years. Through all my travels, I’ve never come across an office as open, inviting, and diverse as this one. With that being said, instead of the usual goodbye email, I want to share something a little different.

The world feels really out of control and I’m sure many days, like me, you probably feel there is little we can do. But there is something you can do to have an impact and “make magic happen”. If you interview, manage, or hire in any capacity, then you can do something. If you give performance reviews, you too can do something.

Look around and find someone who doesn’t look like you or come from your background and get their perspective. Join the conversation on our cultural norms. Be aware of your own biases and take D&I training. Actively try to improve the diversity on your teams — this takes work! Go to recruiting events. Join an ERG. Each of you can do one or more small things to enact change at Uber.

The moments of biggest impact for me have been small actions. A manager who told me to ignore feedback that I was “too pushy”. A friend agreeing to ask about D&I at a meeting when I was too upset to speak for myself. Colleagues who listened to me through difficult times. A co-worker jumping into a heated conversation just to give me the “I understand how you feel right now” look. It all had an impact.

I am excited for the work you will all continue to do here that will drive Uber forward (see what I did there?) Thank you doesn’t even being to express my gratitude for the experience I’ve had over the last 4.5 years! I’m going to miss you Uber family.