Jean Danhong Chen Explains What to Look for When Choosing an Expert in Immigration Law

Jean Danhong Chen Explains What to Look for When Choosing an Expert in Immigration Law

Seeking a green card or a visa to the U.S. can be a complicated procedure with a lot of regulations to follow, as immigration lawyer Jean Danhong Chen in San Jose, CA can tell you.

However, by having someone well-versed in immigration law (particularly when it comes to China-U.S. relations), you can make the process a lot smoother while upping your success rate dramatically. However, not all immigration lawyers offer the same experience and expertise.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a law office for the purposes of making the U.S. your home.

Check The Success Rate of The Immigration Law Firm

One of the most important aspects to examine when it comes to choosing an immigration lawyer is their success rate. This will be a clear measure of their track record, which should offer you some insight into whether you’re making a smart investment.

For example, the law firm of Jean Danhong Chen based in San Jose, CA has more than 10,000 green card and visa approvals under its belt.

Confirm Experience With a Wide Variety of Petitions

There are a number of application types to be granted a green card or visa in the U.S., and your chosen immigration law firm should be well-versed in all of them that apply to you.

For example, perhaps you’re seeking a U.S. student visa to have the opportunity to study abroad and eventually work in America. Another example is the EB-1A application process which gives preference to those born in China or India that are seeking a green card, and in some cases a job offer is not required for success — but you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in either the sciences or business to be considered for an EB-1A.

Ability to Navigate The Name Check and Security Process

One of the biggest barriers faced by those seeking a visa or green card is a name check, a process that can get caught up in FBI red tape, or be delayed due to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) not completing your immigration file.

These can cause significant delays and require the experience of an immigration law firm to sort it out, as usually little information is offered to applicants about the reasons behind the pending status.

A lawyer can file a Mandamus lawsuit on your behalf whether you’re looking for permanent resident or citizen status in the U.S. Ask specifically about the litigation success rate with these types of cases. These lawsuits, when successful, can move the process forward as required by law at a much quicker pace.

While it doesn’t guarantee that your application will be approved, it will ensure that a decision is delivered in a timely manner instead of having to wait for months for a response.

Having Expertise in Your Country of Origin

An ideal immigration law firm will be familiar with the unique challenges facing those in other countries seeking a U.S. visa or green card.

The law firm of Jean Danhong Chen, for example, is represented by lawyers from the U.S. and China. Because of the background of Jean Danhong Chen, from China, and become US immigration lawyer, therefore able to understand China law and regulation, to help her clients better. Also knows the culture of both countries, and can communicate better with her clients from China.

This will help the law firm stay on top of any changes that are specific to the country you’re immigrating to the U.S. from, which can impact your chances of success.

Do Your Homework

While there’s never a guarantee your immigration petition will be approved by U.S. administrators, having the right immigration law firm on your side can help you achieve success.

Jean Danhong Chen suggests asking many of these types of questions when choosing an immigration lawyer, and determine whether there are any hidden costs that aren’t presented up front. At the least, you should ask for testimonials from previous clients that had a positive experience with the firm.

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