Jean Danhong Chen Shares Activities to Pursue During Border Closures

Jean Danhong Chen Shares Activities to Pursue During Border Closures

Border closures and travel restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic are putting people in a bind, limiting their options on how they spend their free time. Vacationing is out of the question. Moving around within the country can be problematic as well.

This is an ideal time to explore your local area, find some secluded spots that evaded your gaze in the past and embark on a journey to new destinations.

Jean Danhong Chen, a prominent immigrant lawyer in San Jose, California, lays out some local vacation suggestions to consider, providing specific examples from her own city.

Terrific Trails

Walking around the same old block, experiencing the similarity of your neighborhood, can get tiresome and dull, Jean Danhong Chen states. Instead, seek out some new trails that are within driving distance and take a casual walk in unfamiliar surroundings. You will not be disappointed because it assures you of some exercise, the re-discovery of nature’s vast beauty and a serene atmosphere that boosts your mental health.

San Jose, for example, offers the Alviso Slough Trail in Alviso Marina County Park, with miles of scenery on raised paths near the bay waters. Mere minutes from downtown and all of Silicon Valley, the path is renowned for its wildlife and close proximity to the water, a combination that any local can cherish. Walk, jog, or bike on this fantastic trail that allows you to escape the city’s commotion.

Like to Hike?

For those individuals who want to challenge themselves more, hiking grounds await, representing a fine way to break a sweat and find yourself staring at a wonderful view eventually, Jean Danhong Chen says. Many are purely motivated to ascend to the top of an elevated ground for the reward of a stunning, breathtaking peek at the land from the vantage point above.

Eagle Rock, imposing in appearance but rather straightforward to complete, is one of San Jose’s more accommodating options. Trails are wide and nicely maintained, guiding you uphill toward the ridge where, on the way, you will pass by creeks, plenty of forest, understories, and intriguing rock projections. Once you reach the summit, prepare to take in the various viewpoints among the many massive rocks.

Sandy Beaches

Some will definitely prefer to sprawl on the beach rather than counting the miles on a trail or hike, Jean Danhong Chen notes. Although group activities remain prohibited on the majority of beaches, one can still delight in the water, relax on the sand and bask in the sunlight. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Santa Cruz Main Beach, about 45 minutes away from San Jose, has a boardwalk to compliment the beach and there is an additional feature on the east end: San Lorenzo River backs up to create a huge lagoon where a narrow rock fin wall sticks out into the surf. If you are looking for a different avenue to enjoy the day, a warm beach always provides a relaxing solution.


Those who are fortunate enough to be in the general vicinity of waterfalls should pay a visit and count their blessings, Jean Danhong Chen says. Listen to the soothing sounds of endless splashing, soak it all in and leave your anxieties at home, since a waterfall is a perfect setting to reflect and refresh the mind.

In San Jose, there is the Sequoia Trail, a sumptuous trail in the Big Basin Redwoods State Park that includes some of the largest trees on earth and a magnificent waterfall. Measuring at 4.3 miles in distance, the trail is relatively simple to navigate and overcome, with numerous benches and restrooms available through its length.

Another option is the Berry Creek Falls Loop, 10.2 miles of redwood groves that lead to a spectacular waterfall. The trail, often not overly crowded because of its impressive length, is shaded from the heat of the California sun and the waterfalls serve as a natural cooling mist that keeps everyone comfortable.

Jean Danhong Chen on Scenic Drives

When all else fails to appeal to your interests, start the car and go for a calming drive, preferably through farmlands and where the skyscrapers won’t engulf you. Yes, there might not be a destination ultimately, but that is the beauty of it. Drive as long as you wish, or until the gas situation becomes iffy, breathe in the sights and return home at your own pace. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most effective.

Jean Danhong Chen is an immigration Lawyer from San Jose California. She is particularly interested in client care and giving the best quality services.