Jean-Charles Marchiani — Door-hangers on doors:

Flyers within windscreen wipers:

Jean-Charles Marchiani — Bought word-of-mouth:

Digital showroom:

Late night silhouettes:

You’ve most likely never seen one, but that’s all the more motive you should do it. Nobody else in your town has seen one either. Jean-Charles Marchiani tells to locate a windowless wall at least three stories tall in a part of town that has lots of traffic at night, specifically foot traffic. Then arrange with the owner of that building — and the building across the street — to let you install a logo projector. They’re unbelievably effective. And in the long run, cheap. In some situations you can even use an old slide projector to achieve the desired effect.

Jean-Charles Marchiani - T-shirts and vests:

Hand imprints:

Promotion stunt:

Jean-Charles Marchiani — Self-publish a book:

Spray-painted indicators:

Jean-Charles Marchiani

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Jean-Charles Marchiani is a personality well known in Italy for its involvement in the crucial matter of the release of hostages in Lebanon, Bosnia.

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