Who is Jean-Charles Marchiani?

Jean-Charles Marchiani’s most likely one of the major figures of the Fifth Republic. The French politician, ex — senior official is working in the bulk of cases considered sensitive and delicate than the Hexagon had to unravel the neighbourhood of 80 and 90. Despite the fact that he retired in 2008, Jean-Charles Marchiani will be kept in mind in France as a dedicated servant of his state informed than half of the 21st century.

The Marchiani was born in Corsica in 1943, particularly to Bastia. He spent their childhood years in a small village near it: Mazzola and in a moderate peasant family. After completing his secondary studies at the minor seminary of Ajaccio, Marchiani carries on its path on the continent by taking courses in the Sciences Po Aix late 50s. To this time, France was involved in the war in Algeria and the French were separated by this fact. Jean-Charles Marchiani was that person whofought on the side of those who thought that Algeria should remain French. Therefore, he decided to get engaged with “Young Nation” is a nationalist movements of the substantial right, to be able to defend his ideas and ideals. When France withdrew from Algeria for sure in 1962, Jean-Charles Marchiani, just 19, made the decision to join the French secret service. And for ten years it will be one of SDECEE officer, the former name of DGSE, in the shadow of General de Gaulle’s administration team. 70s to 2000: business, business policy and the current 70s, Jean-Charles Marchiani starts a amazing career with several main brands of French industry.

He was usually in charge and was placed in significant positions. His experiences as director of legal affairs at Air France, as director of Servair, then general secretary of the Meridian hotel group, have made him a excellent mediator and a professional manager. When the Socialists taken power in 1981, we will often find Jean-Charles Marchiani first in many time periods of cohabitation. During the first, which took place in 1986, Marchiani is identified in the circle of cooperators Interior Minister Charles Pasqua at the time. And when Carton, Cardboard Kauffmann and the three great contemporary journalists were taken hostage by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, Jean-Charles Marchiani will be the arbitrator between the French government and the Islamist regime. It was the same scenario 7 years later in Bosnia. In 1995, he is positioned to the position of prefect of the Var by President Chirac. Its primary task was to clean the territory of mafia movements. In 1999, Jean-Charles Marchiani was chosen MEP in reporting over 13% of the vote. His list far surpasses that of Nicolas Sarkozy. For him, this is one of the most crucial positions in his career. Marchiani was held until 2004. Then pending his retirement in 2008, he was designated prefect off target. Read the original article at Jean-Charles Marchiani.