Why Hillary Clinton is a bad candidate for African Americans

Jeanette Jing

Hillary Clinton is, by one national poll, leading among African American voters by 79 to 19. Here are some reminders of why Hillary is such an awful candidate. My main argument is that she is a racist politician, in her speech, her tactical campaign maneuvers and strategic policy actions that affect millions.

1. In her racist 2008 primary campaign, she lied about Obama.

2. In her racist 2008 campaign, both Hillary and Bill made quite a few racist comments.

3. In her racist 2008 primary campaign, she lied about Obama. A lot.

4. As Obama pointed out in the debates, she has profited from her work with union-busting corporations.

5. She opposes the unions’ goal of a $15 living wage, but gave a false reason as to why in the debates.

6. She opposes tuition-free college tuition.

7. She betrayed the Children’s Defense Fund mission (in effect, betrayed poor children) by calling for devastating welfare ‘reform.’

8. In her racist 2007 primary campaign, she invoked Obama’s possible assassination as one scenario why she shouldn’t drop out.

9. As first lady, she was co-architect of the banking de-regulation that brought about the Black and Latino wealth destruction of the Great Recession.

10. The Clintons’ so-called welfare ‘reform’ destroyed welfare for poor children, first in Arkansas and then nationwide.

11. The Clinton’s welfare reform destroyed welfare nationally, partly by handing it over to the states. As a result, around 6 million Americans live on food stamps alone.

12. During her racist 2008 campaign, she sidelined the Civil Rights Movement’s achievements as owing to President Lyndon B. Johnson. This was partly tactical to belittle Obama’s message of hope, and partly because she believes it. She used a similar argument against Black Lives Matter in 2015.

13. She betrayed her earlier blockage of bankruptcy ‘reform’ (making it harder for individual debtors to enter bankruptcy) by voting for it once she became Senator for Wall Street.

14. She was an architect and saleswoman for the 1994 Crime Bill that ushered in the era of intense policing of poor communities and the enormous increase in incarceration.

15. She made a racist stereotyping joke to make fun of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr’s inspiration for a nonviolent resistance movement.

16. In her racist 2008 campaign, she equated ‘hardworking’ with ‘white.’ Is this racist attitude the reason that she has been so eager to enact laws that hurt Blacks and Latinos?

17. In her racist 2008 campaign, she ran a TV commercial called ‘3 AM’ that Harvard University historical sociology professor Orlando Patterson said strongly evoked the racist 1915 pro-KKK film ‘Birth of a Nation.’ In both films, whites are threatened in their home.

18. Her racist 2008 campaign started the ‘Obama is a secret Muslim’ lies by circulating these photos of him wearing traditional Kenyan outfit.

Jeanette Jing

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Empire without corrupts within. Find me on Twitter @jeanettejing Jeanette Corbynista #PoliticalRevolution #SteinBaraka2016

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