Britain’s zombie government
Paul Mason

The future of the two Scottish steel plants was secured last month thanks to a back-to-back agreement which involved the Scottish Government buying them from Tata Steel and immediately selling them on to Liberty.

The Scottish Government works hard for Scotland and its people. Its against Neoliberalism. And the more good it does, the Tories, Labour and the MSM ramp up its vile Snpbad rhetoric.

When Thatcher was in power and rolling out Greenspan’s ideology, my father who was a shop steward on the Clyde, said the UK was doomed. Boy was he right.

The Scottish referendum in 2014, saw the Tories, Labour and the MSM colluding to keep Scotland in their toxic union, by spreading lies and propaganda about both Scotland and the SNP. This is ongoing.

The English and the Welsh must be asking, why is it that the inept, destructive Scottish SNP government their always reading about managed to save the Scottish steel plants and all the jobs.

Maybe they will wake up and realise that the British government, aided and abetted by Labour do the opposite.

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