The United States Congress; In deadlock?

U.S. Congress Building.

There is nothing much to say, about the current Congressional situation other than “It’s not going very well”. Congress is really really stuck. While it’s not really the U.S. Senate, it is mostly the House of Representatives. However, the House of Representatives’s effect is spreading to the Senate. You need both chambers to work, in order for Congress to work. The House of Representatives has closed it’s 48th Congress Session with a bang. Getting half of the House there with the help of Vice President AdamStratton. However, now with the final session closed, we can’t do anything until the new Class is here.

Closing Session of Congress, December 1st 2016.

The problem is left upon the ‘Federal Congressional Elections Commission’ which has deliberately delayed/postponed the results of the December Class I, House election. This in it’s self is heart breaking and damaging to the Democracy in which we have. However such action is having dire effects on our country’s legislative branch. Four days without any action from the FCEC, and three days since the closing session of Congress is becoming a big issue.

A question was raised to me about Congress opening a session and making a concurrent resolution in forcing the FCEC to do it’s job. This would be an amazing solution to our problem but there is something extremely wrong. Congress can’t open a normal session because according to our rules, after the closing session, no new session can be held until the next Class is elected and sworn in. Basically without, a new session, a new Congress, there can’t be an operating legislative branch.

FDR’s Special Session cartoon from the 1940s


There is only one solution to this dire session. That is for the President of the United States to call an Emergency Session of Congress to get the FCEC working. If an Emergency Session is called than they can pass a law or a resolution to command the ‘Federal Congressional Election Committee’ to release these results. Upon releasing the results, the new House Class would be sworn in and congress would get back on track. The much better and easier solution can always be to help and pray for the FCEC to do it’s ‘God damn job’.

Final thoughts:

We can’t really do anything until the FCEC get’s it’s act together or Congress attempts to intervene and stop this injustice and this danger to our democracy. This is a such a danger because a Representative Democracy can’t function without the legislative branch and it’s Representatives. We got to do something.

We will see….

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