it’s all about the ‘now’

Inspiration is in every sunrise, every sunset, every smile, in the laughter of children as you pass them along the street, in that epiphany that you had and thought “wow, life is beautiful.” Inspiration is everywhere, like the moment you see a mother kiss her baby’s forehead and you think “perfect” or you see a couple so in love that they are oblivious to their surroundings as they walk swaying, hand in hand, giggling like the world is about to end.

You see, life is lived in moments, and when one moment is over, we start chasing the next moment and try to make it last for as long as possible nonetheless in vain. Moments are fleeting, they bring us joy, and immense happiness or sorrow but if we had to do it all over again, we would because in that very moment, everything was perfect. Like the first time you realize you are in love, you become dumbfounded by the idea and yet everything seems surreal, you just want to sing, jump of a building and hit the ground running.

At the end of the day, it is this moments that we will remember, when we dared to live differently, when we dared to love, when we stood our ground, when we faced our fears and overcame them, these become the defining moments of our lives, the defining moments of who we are as a person and they shape the kind of legacy that we’ll leave behind. Problem is we get so caught up in working on our next great moment instead of enjoying the one we are currently in. We live like it will all matter someday and we forget that it matters NOW.

That in this very moment we are alive and we need to find inspiration where we are. Just because we plan our lives out doesn’t guarantee that it will unfold the way we expect it to. Our lives all have different trajectories and just because we cannot see the whole thing yet-or we do not understand it- doesn’t mean that we have to try to chase the next moment. All we do is ‘create’ moments outside of our trajectory because we have this perceived notion that ‘life has to be a certain way’.

So we rob ourselves of the opportunities to grow, to have some introspection and to look deeply into ourselves and find the truth that is already there, ‘all the inspiration we need is in us’ it comes from within. The basic truth that we have to choose to live in the moment and enjoy it and in the long run, it is that moment of happiness and serenity that we will cherish. Letting the little things soak your life and fill you with happiness, choosing to consciously take notice and finding inspiration in the Now.

The years will haze over and you will not remember the majority of your life only the selected few moments that made your life worth living. Those moments are indented in your brain and remind you that you once conquered it all and give you courage to face what is ahead, courage to start again, courage to love again, to make new friends and push yourself beyond your limits to fight for what you believe in and though you sometimes lose, you live to fight another day, and when that moment comes, live it out then and draw inspiration from where you will be then.

Inspiration is everywhere; all you have to do is look…

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