Splatoon 2- The Search for Callie

Octo Canyon

Dusk was setting in as Marie stepped out of Cuttlefish Cabin. She sighed as she walked towards the cliff and leaned on the railing, looking out at the sunset.

It’s been a week, and still nothing.

Marie pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked again, just as she had ever hour of every day for the past week, but it was just as it was every other time she checked. No messages, no calls, no updates.

Where are you Callie?

Marie stepped back and walked around the area. She was asked to keep watch here every so often when her grandpa was busy, but Marie was just certain he was being lazy. Either way, she was more than happy to help, considering his advanced age, but recently, her mood had been rather melancholy. Usually Callie was there to balance her out, but ever since she disappeared a week ago, Marie’s mood had gone considerably downhill.

It’s my fault, isn’t it? She clearly hated me, and now she’s gone. I didn’t even get the chance to say sorry…

Marie had been wallowing in sorrow ever since the Splatfest results months before, and thinking about Callie always brought her back to those thoughts, now so especially, but she quickly got herself out of the funk.

No. She thought. It’s THEIR fault. I’m pretty certain I know who’s behind this, and if I’m right, I’ll do everything I can to get her back. Starting with finding some help, and I think I know the perfect squids for the job.

Inkblot Art Academy

Blake took cover behind a crate as another inkling, Dillon, bared down on him with his Splattershot Jr., green ink flying all around him. The male inkling tried to reach his N-Zap 85 around the corner, but he was denied yet again.

Carp. He thought. How am I supposed to get out of this? I can’t just sit here, I need to ink some turf.

Blake and his fellow Team Callie members were currently in the middle of an exhibition match against Dillon and the members of Team Marie. Although Splatfest had ended months ago, that didn’t stop either team from growing in strength and numbers, and continuing to rep their favorite Squid Sister, regardless of how Splatfest had ended. The two teams were now the hottest, and most competitive, of the many teams on the Turf War Circuit, and were often the most popularized matchup whenever they met on the battlefield.

Blake tried to call for backup from his other teammates, but no such luck. Bradley was being chased down by Brian. Usually, his Luna Blaster made 1v1 battles a quick thing for him, but Brian’s Heavy Splatling was really causing him some trouble. Cody, using his inkbrush, had tried to make a move on Team Marie’s side of the field, but was cut off by Nick, who stalked him back to his side of the field using his Splatterscope. And Phil, using the new Splat Dualies, was still finding it difficult to outmaneuver Ruben’s Dynamo Roller.

Looks like backup’s not coming from there, but maybe…it’s time to call in the new guys.

Blake pulled out his tablet, usually reserved for calling out Inkstrikes when he had the ability, and selected the faces of two inklings. He then decided to make his move. Jumping out from behind the box, he opened fire on Dillon, who was quick to activate his Bubbler special, making Blake’s shots useless. As Blake landed, Dillon’s bubble dropped as he took aim again.

“Sorry, old friend,” he said, “But just like Splatfest, you’re destined to lose.”

“I wouldn’t be so confident if I were you,” Blake remarked as he noticed a purple inkling taking aim at Dillon from above. Dillon turned around just in time to see the charger shot fired before getting splatted. Blake looked up to see one of his new recruits, Emrys, standing triumphantly atop the center perch. He definitely fit the “new guy” look, sporting a trendy new inkling hairstyle and gear that was fresh off the market in the neighboring Inkopolis Square. Emrys quickly took aim at Nick, who noticed this and moved to try to get a better shot. While he and Emrys stared each other down, he didn’t notice Cody, who had moved up behind him.

“Lose track of something?” Cody asked, before hammering Nick with a barrage of ink, splatting him on the spot.

Across the battlefield, Bradley and Brian traded shots at each other. Neither could make any headway on turf OR splats, that was, of course, until another new Team Callie member burst onto the scene…literally. As Brian prepared another shot, a swarm of Burst Bombs cut off his line of sight. He quickly adjusted, however, and caught sight of an inkling trying to flank him.

“You won’t get me that easily Brad,” Brian called as he opened fire, but was quick to see a spray of ink get sent his way with an equally impressive fire rate. As he took a closer look, he saw that it wasn’t Bradley, but an inkling girl, with shoulder length tentacles and an Aerospray MG in her hands.

“You’re not the only one with an impressive fire rate,” she remarked. Brian scoffed, but suddenly noticed someone behind him. He turned to find himself staring down the barrel of Bradley’s Luna Blaster.

“Surprise,” Bradley said as he fired, splatting Brian. He turned to the female inkling and gave a thumbs up.

“Thanks for the cover Sanya,” he said. Sanya smiled as her and Bradley quickly claimed the turf in their sector and moved on.

Phil was using the inkjet to fly through the air, still trying to outdo Ruben, who refused to give up, and was actually making more headway than he was before. However, that stopped quickly as he reached the top of a nearby ramp, only to be greeted by a sea of purple ink covering the floor, and 5 Team Callie inklings standing in his way.

“You’ve gotta be squidding me,” he stated as Phil splatted him from above before landing. Afterwards, the whistle blew, signifying the end of the match, and Judd proclaimed Team Callie the victor. As Blake and his friends cheered, Dillon and Team Marie approached from their side of the field.

“Okay,” Dillon started, “Since when did your team have 2 new members?”

“Since about a few weeks ago,” Blake remarked, “Meet Emrys, our new sharpshooter, and Sanya, our new communications specialist.”

“Alright, cool,” Nick said, “But why did they show up mid battle. I didn’t think more than 4 inklings could play at a time.”

“Consider it a substitution,” Bradley remarked.

“Oh bull shark!” Brian snapped, “You guys just wanted to show off.”

“Maybe,” Bradley commented slyly.

As the two teams exchanged banter, the conversation slowly shifted to a slightly more serious topic.

“So,” Blake asked, “Have y’all heard from Marie at all over the past week or so?”

“No,” Dillon replied, “It’s strange, but not unheard of. I actually think someone said she’s on sabbatical. But…how did you know?”

“Because we haven’t really gotten anything from Callie either. I mean, I know she’s more popular than ever, so I just figure she’s shooting something that’s, like, SUPER under wraps right now, and just can’t say anything, but still, I’d really like to hear from her soon.”

“Us too,” Brian remarked. “Marie usually loves to check in on us, considering how much we win.”

Classic Brian. Blake thought. Always an excuse to brag.

“Well, anyways,” Cody interjected, “I’m sure they’re both just busy with work. They’ll call us soon, but in the meantime, how about another match?”

“Sure,” Brian agreed. “But only if you sit the new guys.”

“Afraid we’ll squash you again?” Emrys asked.

“Hey I just want an even fight is all,” Brian replied. The two teams started back to their respective sides as the field reset, standing by for another turf war.

Team Callie HQ

Logan stared at his laptop, frustrated. He’d tried once again to call Callie, and once again, no answer. He’d left a few voice messages, sent a few emails, even messaged her of SplatNet, but nothing. As Logan sighed, another inkling, Anthony, approached him. He was a bit more built than the average inkling, and he had his tentacles tied up lower, almost like a ponytail.

“Don’t beat yourself up,” he remarked, “Remember, it’s not THAT unusual to go a while without hearing from her, especially with her recent shooting schedule.”

“Yeah,” Logan replied, still dejected, “I know, but you’ve got to admit, it’s weird not hearing from her directly.”

“I agree,” Anthony commented, sitting down. “I mean, a letter is one thing, but Callie’s always been one to call us or just show up spur of the moment and say ‘hi’. She’s not really the secretive type.”

The two began to swap theories on what Callie’s latest project was. Whatever it was, it had kept her silent for over a week, so it must be something huge. They tossed around theories of a movie, a reality show gig, or even a world tour. However, as their conversation was going on, Logan’s screen suddenly lit up. Both inklings stopped to look at it.

“Bro,” Anthony said, “I think you’re getting a call.”

“Callie?” Logan asked, hoping to finally hear from her. However, as he answered the call, the face that appeared on the monitor was the last squid he expected to see.

“It’s…” Logan started, “It’s you.”

Staring back at him was none other than their team’s rival Squid Sister, Marie.

“Sorry to surprise you,” Marie said, “But I need your help.”

Logan and Anthony looked at each other, confused looks on their faces.

“What with?” Anthony asked.

Marie looked away, a tinge of sadness in her eyes. Logan was put off by that. Even though he didn’t support her, he still knew what she was all about, and this wasn’t right. Something was up.

Could this have to do with Callie’s streak of silence?

“Have you heard from Callie lately?” Marie asked.

“As a matter of fact, we have,” Anthony replied. Marie’s eyes lit up.

“Really?” she asked. Anthony darted his eyes away, knowing he should have worded that better, knowing full well she wouldn’t like the truth of it.

“Well…sort of. You see, we got a letter from her. It said she was working on something important and wouldn’t be able to talk much while she was.”

The sadness immediately returned to Marie’s demeanor.

“Oh,” She said, a bit dejected, “But wait, when did you get the letter?”

“Day before yesterday,” Logan answered. Marie looked to the side thoughtfully.

“That doesn’t add up,” she said, half to herself, “Callie’s been gone longer than that, so why write a letter now, and not say a word to me?”

“Wait, Callie’s missing?” Anthony said, clearly confused, “I think you know a bit more than we do. What’s going on?”

Marie sighed, clearly not wanting to relive the memories, but in order to get help, they had to know.

“A week ago, I planned a vacation to Calamari County, where Callie and I grew up. She was supposed to show up the day after I got there, but she never did. When she didn’t show the next day, I came back to Inkopolis to find no sight of her. Her manager said she went home, but there was no sign of her there. No answer on her phone, nothing. I thought she might be with gramps, but when I got to his cabin, he was gone too, and that wasn’t all…”

“What?” Logan asked, “What’s really going on?”

“DJ Octavio,” Marie stated, “He was gone too.”

“The leader of the Octarians?” Anthony asked, “I thought you and Callie beat him.”

“Yes, with the help of Agent 3, we did, but he’s free now, and I think he’s behind Callie’s disappearance. The timing is just too convenient.”

“Then this letter is a fake?” Logan pondered, holding the letter up to Marie to let her examine it.

“No,” she said, “That’s her handwriting, and her signature is spot on. Callie wrote that, no doubt.”

“Then she was coerced to trick us,” Logan surmised, “But I don’t get it. Callie’s smart, why not try and sneak in a warning?”

“Maybe it wasn’t coerced,” Anthony stated coldly.

“Are you suggesting…?” Logan started.

“Look,” Anthony snapped. “All I’m saying is that we consider ALL the possibilities! We don’t know what’s really going on. And you know,” he turned to Marie, “You and your pals didn’t exactly make that Splatfest loss the easiest pill to swallow, so who knows what her mental state is right now.”

“I know,” Marie said, a real feeling of genuine sadness in her voice, “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. But I need your help. That’s why I called you. I need you to bring Callie back! Please, you’re the only one’s I’d trust with this job.”

Logan and Anthony looked at each other, each silently asking the other what to do. Eventually they both nodded and turned to Marie.

“We’ll send the best of the best,” Anthony said, “They’ll find her, and get her back to Inkopolis where she belongs.”

The screen Marie was on shut off as Anthony pulled out his phone.

“This is Anthony of Team Callie,” he called. “Raise alert level to Cal-Con 2 and contact Blake. Tell him Squid Team Six has their first assignment.”

Humpback Pump-Track


Blake, Bradley and the rest of Team Callie stood victorious on their perch, Rainmaker held high as the reveled in another win over Team Marie.

“Alright, alright,” Dillon said, “I think that’s enough for today.”

“You’re just jealous that you lost four times in a row,” Cody remarked.

“I think we’re just burnt out,” Ruben stated, “Bout time we headed home.”

“Agreed,” Emrys said, “I think both teams have earned some R&R.”

The two teams said their goodbyes as Team Marie left for home. As Blake walked back to base, he caught Sanya in the corner of his eye. He’d met her just prior to the last Splatfest, and the two had really hit it off. She was pretty quiet, but sweet and deadly with an Aerospray. He was glad she decided to stay in Inkopolis, even after the Spatfests ended. As he approached her, he noticed she was on her phone. Blake waited for her to finish before stepping in.

“Hey,” he said, “Good job out there.”

Sanya turned around, face bright red.

She never could take a compliment. Blake thought

“O-oh, yeah,” Sanya stuttered, “Thanks.”

“So, what was that call about?

“That’s…actually what I was going to talk to you about. It was Anthony, apparently he got some urgent Intel from somewhere and needed to relay you a message: our team has been assigned to Octo-Canyon to begin a search and rescue for Callie.”

“Search and rescue?” Blake asked. “So the rumors are true. She’s not doing a shoot or anything. She’s in trouble. I should’ve known. Come on. I’ll get the guys, we’ve got no time to lose!”

Sanya nodded in agreement as Blake ran back to tell the others. Soon, the six inklings had packed up their gear and were on their way to Octo-Canyon.

Inkopolis-Town Center

Marie found herself roaming the streets of Inkopolis, something she hadn’t done in a long time. Although she sometimes felt it wasn’t necessary, she still wore her Agent 2 disguise in public, just on the off chance she got mobbed by fans. With her hat and face-mask, nobody would know who she was. Being in disguise gave Marie the perfect opportunity to see what everyday inklings were talking about.

I wonder if anybody has noticed Callie’s absence.

As Marie wandered around, the large TV monitor overhead lit up, a graphic flashed onto the screen, indicating breaking news. Marie watched as Pearl and Marina appeared on screen to tell everyone the horrible news: the Great Zapfish had gone missing again. Inklings in the streets gasped. Without the Great Zapfish, Inkopolis would eventually run out of power. Marie looked around, expecting to see a lot of concern, but to her surprise, most inklings didn’t seem too worried. They’d been spoiled by the quick return of the Zapfish 2 years ago, so it made sense they just figured this was something that happened.

Marie looked up at Inkopolis tower, at the spot the Zapfish usually sat.

I can’t ask them for help again. I’m going to need to look elsewhere to solve this problem.


When Blake and Squid Team Six had arrived in Octo Canyon, the first thing they noticed was how radically different the air here felt. In Inkopolis, there was always this fresh vibe in the air, but here, everything felt a little more…stale. Upon arriving, the group immediately ran into a few Octarian soldiers, something they’d dealt with before, and took them out. Following the trail, they came upon an Octarian encampment, that seemed to have been abandoned, and from the looks of it, in a hurry.

“Looks like somebody told them we were coming,” Emrys said as he aimed his Charger around, on the off chance someone tried to get the jump on them.

“Looks like it,” Blake said, “Whoever it was, looks like they went this way.” Blake pointed to a path leading away from the camp. The group followed him as they made their way along. Emrys made his way onto an upper path so that he could provide cover fire from above in case of an emergency.

As the group continued down the path, Cody catches up to Blake, and hands him something he picked up. It was one of the Octarian’s communication devices. It was pretty much dead, but the image burned onto the screen indicated trouble.

Object of interest acquired. Inform Octavio the plan can move forward.

“Object of interest, huh?” Blake mumbled, “Sounds about right. Looks like we’re on the right track.” He turned to Phil, who was lazily spinning his dualies around his fingers as they walked.

“Hey, why don’t you use your Inkjet and scout ahead?” he asked. Phil’s demeanor quickly changed as he equipped his Inkjet and soared on ahead.

After a few minutes, Blake got a call from Phil.

“Hey, it looks like we’re on the right track,” he reported. “I’m seeing another Octarian camp just ahead, and these guys are still here. We might be able to get some information from them.”

“Good find, stay hidden.” Blake said. The rest of the team prepared their weapons as they continued along the path. Unfortunately, things went south rather quickly. Without warning, a team of Octolings jumped out from around the nearby rock formations, tackling the members of Squid Team Six to the ground.

“Looks like a good catch,” one of them said.

“Octavio will wanna see this,” another one commented as they took Blake, Bradley, Cody, and Sanya hostage. From the ledge above, Emrys watched his teammates get led closer to the camp. He pulled out his phone.

“Phil,” he said, “Stay hidden. The others were just jumped and squidnapped. We’re gonna have to get them back.”

“Got it,” Phil replied. Emrys put his phone away and stealthily made his way after his friends.

Team Marie HQ

As Dillon and his team entered the base, they were greeted warmly by the other inklings gathered there. Mikey, a rather short inkling, congratulated them on yet another victory.

“You guys did great out there,” he commented. “With moves like that, you’ll qualify for the next tournament no doubt. In fact, I’d consider you early favorites.”

“Maybe,” Dillon said, thoughts elsewhere. “But I wouldn’t count Blake’s team out. I mean, I WOULDN’T, but right now, I don’t know where they are. They never showed for our game, and Blake’s not answering his phone.”

“We probably scared them off,” Brian jeered. “I don’t blame them.”

“That’s not like them though,” Dillon remarked, “I just wonder where they went.”

“I know,” a voice came from the doorway. The inklings all turned to see who entered the base, and were floored to realize it was none other than Marie. Gasps were heard, and the radio, which was playing Tide Goes Out was shut off.

“M-Marie,” Dillon started, “To what do we owe this honor?”

Marie stifled a laugh. She always liked how these guys were so reverent of her. It made her feel like royalty. But she quickly tightened up. This was a serious situation.

“I need your help,” She said. “I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news: the Great Zapfish is gone.”

“Yeah,” Nick commented. “Saw the report a little while ago. But it’s no big deal, right? You guys and Agent 3 will just take care of it again.”

“Unfortunately,” Marie stated, “We’ve already asked too much of Agent 3. She deserves to enjoy her life for the time being. And besides, given the recent circumstances, this is more of a team thing. With Octavio’s disappearance as well as the Zapfish, I’m not positive that the Octarian menace has returned.”

“If it’s a team effort, we should try and call Blake,” Dillon remarked. “We could use all the help we can get.”

Marie looked down.

“That…won’t be possible,” she said. “They’re taking care of something else.”

“Something else?”

Marie took a deep breath.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed Callie recently, or more specifically, the lack thereof. Well, that’s because she’s disappeared. About a week ago, she went missing, and despite my tireless searching, I couldn’t find her. So I did what I thought was best: I went to Team Callie, and they said they’d send their best team to track her down.”

“So that’s where Blake went,” Dillon remarked, finally understanding the situation.

“And since I already requested their help with Callie, I can’t ask them to get the Zapfish too.”

“So that’s why you came here?”

“Yes, I need you to go and find the Zapfish. Callie may be my priority, but I’m still tasked with protecting Inkopolis, and this is more important on that front.”

Dillon looked at his team, pleased to see looks of approval from Nick, Ruben, and Brian. He turned to Marie, eyes filled with determination.

“We’re on the case.”

Octo-Canyon: Octoling Encampment

“Blake…Blake wake up.”

Blake opened his eyes to see Bradley, his friend trying to rouse him from his unconscious state.

“Wha…what happened?” Blake asked, still groggy.

“Some Octolings got the jump on us, then knocked us out,” Bradley explained, “Next thing I knew, we were tied up here.”

Blake looked past Bradley to see that Cody and Sanya were also tied up.

“They didn’t get Phil or Emrys,” Bradley continued, “They might not know they were with us, so I’m sure we’ll be out of here in no time.”

Blake looked around, trying to get a good look at his surroundings. There were Octolings crawling all over the place. They were all wearing strange sunglasses, as opposed to the goggles they had worn two years prior.

Guess even Octoling fashion has phases.

As Blake scanned the area, a few Octolings come up and examine their hostages.

“A great catch,” one of them said.

“Yes, DJ Octavio will be pleased to have new recruits,” another one remarked.

“Hey,” Blake cut in, “What the heck is going on? Why did you capture us?”

The Octolings continued their banter, completely ignoring Blake.

“Yeah,” Bradley remarked, “I tried that too. They’re not really the talkative type.”

“It’s weird though,” Blake pointed out, “They didn’t even acknowledge my existence. Almost like they’re running on auto-pilot.”

Nearby, Sanya’s phone began making a slight beeping noise. The other inklings turned towards her.

“Someone calling you?” Cody asked.

“No, my phone was set to scan for Octarian communication signals,” Sanya replied, “And it must be picking up a bunch, because it’s going nuts.”

“Well shut it off,” Cody said, “Before they decide to gut us right here.”

“I would if my arms were free.”

Blake looked around, and realized that Sanya’s phone going off probably wouldn’t be a problem. The Octolings were still oblivious.

This is too weird.

Suddenly, a female Octoling spoke up.

“Alright,” she declared, “Get ready to move the prisoners. They have an appointment with the DJ.”

As the Octolings closed in, Blake and the others looked around, trying to figure out a way out of their predicament, when they suddenly heard a familiar voice overhead.

“Gonna have to cancel that appointment!”

Blake turned his head just in time to see Phil flying overhead with his Inkjet, and with an Inkzooka strapped to it as well. He opened fire on the camp, spraying purple ink all over the place. The Octolings ran around, now in complete disarray. As the chaos ensued, Blake stood up, noticing a sharp object nearby, and freed himself from his restraints. After freeing his team, the four gathered their weapons and began taking out the Octolings in the camp. Phil continued firing at them from above with his Inkzooka, while Octolings running out of the camp were promptly splatted by Emrys with his charger from above.

After a few minutes, the sounds of battle silenced, and any unsplatted Octoling was incapacitated. Blake spotted one Octoling, the one who ordered their movement before, trying to flee. He cornered her against a wall.

“Talk,” he demanded, “What’s going on here?”

Instead of talking, the Octoling began freaking out, spewing incoherent nonsense. Blake was confused as Sanya and Bradley approached, Sanya looking down at her phone.

“Whoa,” she remarked, “There are some really weird signals coming from those glasses.”

“Oh really?” Bradley noted as he reached down and snatched the glasses off the Octoling’s head. Immediately, she stopped screaming and passed out, much to the disappointment of Blake.

“What the heck just happened?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Sanya replied, “But it seems those glasses are transmitting some kind of signals to the Octolings.”

Bradley, curious, reached up to put the glasses on, but Sanya grabbed his arm before he could.

“Hold on,” she warned, “We don’t know what they’re doing. Seeing how those Octolings acted with those on, AND how she freaked out when you took them off, I think it’s safe to say we don’t want to mess with them.”

Bradley shrugged in agreement, and tossed the shades, which cracked as they hit the ground.

“Well great,” Blake said, “All that, and nothing. No leads, no information. Just a dead end.”

“Not exactly,” Emrys remarked as he approached, “I found something on one of their phones. It’s pretty fried, but the last message burned onto the screen is pretty important if you ask me.”

Blake took the phone from Emrys and looked at the message.

Objective Acquired. High-Priority Asset en route to the Sharktooth Shipyards.

“High-Priority Asset, eh?” Blake remarked, “That’s gotta be Octarian for ‘Callie’. We’ve picked up the trail team, now let’s double time it!”

With that, Squid Team Six packed up their gear and made their way to Sharktooth Shipyards.

Octo Canyon: Octarian Staging Ground

Dillon sat on a perch behind some crates as he watched what seemed like hundreds of Octarians moving boxes and supplies onto and off of ships. The information given to him by Marie had led him here, as Octarians frequented this staging ground to move important supplies around, and the Great Zapfish definitely qualified. Pulling out his phone, he contacted the rest of his team, who were scattered around the facility.

“Dillon to team, any sign of the Zapfish?”

Nick, on a perch opposite the facility from Dillon, moved from one side of a large box to another, and looked down at the Octarians with his Splatterscope.

“Negative here,” he said.

On the ground, Ruben narrowly avoided detection while sneaking through the walls of supply crates. He stopped when he found a good hiding spot.

“Haven’t seen it,” he reported.

Brian ran along a wall and ducked next to a stack of crates as a few Octarians walked past.

“Nadda,” he said, a hint of irritation in his voice, “You know, I could do without the stealth aspect bro. As a Heavy Splatling main, it’s not really my thing. I’d much prefer going in full throttle.”

“Sorry Brian,” Dillon apologized, “But the 100–1 odds against us didn’t really give us a choice in the matter, and besides…”

Nick cut Dillon off as he was trying to reason with Brian.

“Sorry to cut this short, but looks like Brian’s gonna get his wish. I think I found the Zapfish.”

“Really?” Dillon asked, “Where?” Suddenly, he saw a rather large crate being lifted by crane onto a ship that was docked.

“I…don’t think you can miss it,” Nick replied.

“Blast,” Dillon said, watching the Octarians load the crate onto the ship. “We’re too late to stop it. Guys, we’ve gotta get onto that ship. We’ll take out the crew on their way to their delivery and take the Zapfish back.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Brian said as he ran out, still trying to avoid detection, and made his way to the ship. He jumped aboard without detection and watched as Dillon, Nick, and Ruben boarded as well.

“Good, we made it,” Ruben said, relieved.

“Yeah,” Nick said, “Now let’s get below deck before we’re spotted.”

As Team Marie made their way down, something caught Dillon’s eye across the room. He stepped up to get a better look, and was shocked.

It can’t be.

Helping the Octarians load a nearby ship was an inkling, and a very familiar one at that. She was wearing a short, black leather top, a matching leather skirt, and purple sequined leggings, but it was the long black tentacles with purple tips that gave it away. It was, without a doubt, Callie! Thinking fast, Dillon grabbed Nick’s arm before he went below deck.

“What’s up?” Nick asked.

“Quickly,” Dillon said, “Load a tracking beacon into your weapon and fire it at the ship behind us.”

“Why?” Nick asked.

“No time! Just do it!”

Without any further questions, Nick fired a tracking beacon at the ship behind them as Callie boarded it. As their ship began to move, Dillon followed Nick below deck.

“What was that about?” Nick asked.

“I think we just found what Blake is looking for,” Dillon remarked.

“You mean?”

“Yes, her. Once we get the Zapfish back to Inkopolis, take the tracker straight to Team Callie HQ.

Octo Canyon- Sharktooth Shipyards

In a splash of purple ink, the last Octotrooper in the shipyards was splatted by Blake’s N-Zap ’85. Squid Team Six had arrived just minutes before the “high-priority asset” was scheduled to arrive and they’d fanned out and hidden, so as to get the jump on the Octarians when they unload the ship.

“Contact,” Emrys said over the phone, looking at an incoming ship from the scope of his Charger. From their hiding spots in the area, the other inklings saw it too. A large ship docking at the north end.

“Alright guys,” Blake warned, “Security will probably be tight, so let’s keep our wits about us. This is the big moment.”

The inklings sat in wait as the ships main cargo door opened. However, instead of a platoon of Octotroopers coming out, a large crate emerged instead, being pushed along on a moving cart. And what surprised the group most, is that it wasn’t Octarians moving it, but as it appeared, inklings.

“What is this?” Bradley asked, “Are they moving her whole cell. Geez, talk about overkill.”

“Oh, you guys aren’t gonna like this,” Emrys stated.

“What is it?” Blake asked while tracking the crate.

“We know these guys,” Emrys said. While peering through his scope, he could clearly make out the distinctive height and slicked back green tentacles of Team Marie’s own Dillon.

“It’s Team Marie,” he finished, “They’re the ones moving the crate!”

“Are you kidding?” Phil asked, “What the heck are they doing here?”

Blake stared intently as Team Marie unknowingly ran right under his position on a suspended walkway.

“Of course,” he said quietly, “How could we have been so blind? They’re the ones behind Callie’s disappearance!”

“Are you serious?” Bradley asked.

“No, it makes sense,” Cody interjected, “I mean, they’d stop at nothing to get the edge over us. I wouldn’t put it past em.”

“Squid Team Six, stop them!” Blake called as he leapt down from the walkway. While moving the crate, Dillon, and his team noticed Blake’s arrival.

“Hey look at that,” Ruben commented, “Right on schedule.”

Dillon stepped forward before immediately realizing the situation he was in. Behind Blake, the other members of Squid Team Six emerged, weapons drawn, and the looks on their faces did not indicate they were in the talking mood.

“Oh carp,” he said in a moment of realization, “Guys! They think THIS is Callie. They think we took her!”

“Well they’re idiots,” Brian commented.

“Idiots with weapons drawn,” Dillon said as he and the other stopped moving the crate and pulled out his Splattershot Jr. “I’ve gotta talk him down. The rest of you, spread out and don’t get shot. And whatever you do, don’t fire back!”

“No promises,” Brian replied as the team spread out. Dillon ran forward to confront Blake as the latter aimed his weapon and fired burst of purple ink his direction.

“Blake!” Dillon yelled out, “We need to talk!”

His request fell on deaf ears as Blake continued to fire on him. Dillon turned around and ran, hoping to talk some sense into Blake. All around the shipyard, Team Callie members chased down Team Marie. Streams of purple ink flew everywhere in the firefight.

While Sanya was chasing Ruben down, she suddenly noticed her phone going off. She stopped, pulling it out, and realized that there was some strange energy coming from within the crate. After a few seconds, she realized something and called out to everyone.

“Hey!” Nobody reacted, “YOU GUYS! STOP!”

As Sanya called out, everyone from Squid Team Six and Team Marie stopped and looked at her.

“Guys,” she started, “I don’t think this is Callie. The signals coming from the box just don’t seem right.”

Ruben stepped closer to Sanya and the crate.

“Of course it’s not Callie,” he said. Taking his roller, he knocked off one side of the crate, which in turn caused the other sides to fall off, revealing a large cage with the Great Zapfish inside.

“The Zapfish?” Bradley asked.

“Yeah,” Dillon replied, “We were tasked with finding it, since you guys were going after Callie, and speaking of…” Dillon motioned to Nick, who stepped up and handed him a small device. “We happen to know where she is.”

The members of Squid Team Six all looked shocked at the news.

“You do?” Blake asked.

“Yep,” Dillon said, “We saw her boarding a ship. We put a tracker on it, and this will tell you where it is.” He handed the device to Blake.

“And lucky for you,” Brian cut in, “Marie knows this place pretty well, so we happen to know what that place is. It’s some kind of research facility.”

“Why would she be there?” Emrys asked.

“No clue,” Dillon replied. “But now that the Zapfish is secured, I plan on us finding out together.”

“Well,” Blake said, reaching his hand out, “Welcome aboard.”

As Dillon reached in to return the handshake, a swarm of Octocopters swooped in, deployed grappling hooks, and snatched the Great Zapfish. They flew away before anybody had a chance to respond.

“Carp!” Dillon cursed, “Now we’ve gotta find it all over again.” He turned to Blake.

“Looks like we’ll have to split up again. Once we return the Zapfish, we’ll come back to help you guys.”

“Good,” Blake said, “But hopefully, we won’t need it.”


The two teams acknowledged their missions as they turned and went their separate ways. Squid Team Six boarded the ship that Team Marie had come on and input the coordinates for Callie’s location.

Don’t worry Callie. Blake thought. We’re on our way.

Octo Canyon: Octarian Research Lab

When they had arrived at the lab, Blake was stunned by the lack of security. He didn’t know that the lab had even existed before today, but he’d expected to see some resistance to their being there. As the team entered, they circled up and decided on how they would handle their situation.

“Alright guys,” Blake stated, “This is it. Callie is here. We’ve just gotta find her.”

“I don’t like this place,” Bradley observed, “Something doesn’t seem right here.”

“Yeah,” Cody agreed, “I mean, NO security? It’s like they wanted us to show up.”

“I agree this place does seem sketchy,” Blake said, “But let’s hope we can find Callie before things go wrong. We’ll need to split up. Bradley, you and Phil take the west end. Cody and Emrys, you take the east. Sanya and I will hit the north side. Whoever finds Callie first should signal the other groups before going in.”

“Right,” The inklings said as they paired off and headed their separate ways.


Bradley and Phil’s canvas of the west end had been pretty uneventful until they stumbled upon a one particular room with a locked door. Bradley used his Luna Blaster to blast the lock off the door, much to Phil’s chagrin, but surprisingly, no security arrived.

“Okay,” Phil stated, “Something is DEFINITELY wrong here.”

As the two entered the room, Phil walked around while Bradley was drawn towards a computer that was still functioning. On it, he saw what appeared to be schematics for a large ship as well as some Octarian technology he didn’t recognize.

“I don’t think they’ll mind if I help myself,” Bradley said to himself as he hooked his phone up to the mainframe and began to download everything.”


When Emrys and Cody entered the next room in their section, they were shocked by what they saw. Lining the walls were dozens of pods, each of them with an Octoling sleeping inside of it.

“Think we found security?” Cody asked.

“If we did, these are some messed up barracks.” Emrys replied, heading towards a monitor on the wall. He studied it for a bit before turning to the Octolings, then to Cody.

“Hey,” he said, “Notice anything different about these guys compared to the others we saw earlier?”

Cody looked for a bit before seeing it.

“They’re not wearing those glasses,” he said. “Everyone at that camp had them. So why not these guys? Different fashion trends?”

“I don’t think so,” Emrys replied, “I was hoping this could tell me what was happening, but it makes no sense. I mean ‘Mental Conditioning’, what is that supposed to mean?”

“Man,” Cody stated. “This place just gets weirder and weirder.”


Blake and Sanya continued down the dark hallway, checking each room, but finding no sign of Callie. Sanya clung to Blake as she heard a creaking noise from behind her.

“Don’t worry,” Blake said comfortingly, “Nothing’s gonna hurt us.”

“I know,” Sanya said, “I’m just…antsy is all. I mean, what if we’re too late? What if something happened to Callie? I couldn’t bear to see her hurt.”

As they walked, Blake reached over and gently grabbed Sanya’s hand, the two’s fingers intertwining.

“Whatever happens, we’ll face it together.” He reassured.

Suddenly, the two stopped, as they heard the faint sound of a voice coming from nearby.

“Do you hear that?” Blake asked.

“Kinda,” Sanya replied, pulling her phone out.

Blushing faces covered in pink.

Blake strained to hear what was being said.

“It kinda sounds like…”

Rushing bombs, exploding ink.

Sanya and Blake turned to each other in shock.

“Bomb Rush Blush!” The two of them said together.

“Quick,” Blake said, “Find out where it’s coming from.”

Sanya stared at her phone for a while.

“I’m not picking up a communication signal,” she stated. “Wherever that’s coming from, it’s live, and from the sound of it, very close.”

“She’s gotta be right over here,” Blake concluded, “Come on!”

The two raced around the nearby hallways, listening to the music as it lead them to Callie. After a few minutes, they stood before a locked door, with a small window allowing Blake to see what he’d been searching for all this time.


Sanya contacted the others and she and Blake waited for their arrival. When they showed up, Cody picked the lock on the door, and Blake stepped into the room alone. It was brighter than the rest of the facility, which was odd. The only thing in the room was a chair in the center, facing away from them, with Callie sitting in it, singing. As Blake walked slowly towards Callie, he called out to her.

“Callie, it’s me, Blake. Remember? From Splatfest. Team Callie. We’ve come to get you out of here.”

As Blake approached, the other inklings watched from the doorway.

“Something doesn’t seem right,” Bradley stated.

As Blake reached Callie, she stopped singing and stood up. Blake was a bit surprised to see her new outfit, but figured it was the Octarian’s way of humiliating her while she was a prisoner. He reached his hand out towards Callie.

“They can’t hurt you anymore,” he reassured, “We’re going to take you home.”

As he reached in, Callie suddenly turned around and grabbed his wrist, surprising Blake. With strength only a roller main could have, she tossed him backwards into the ground, causing his N-Zap to fall off his person and slide right to Callie’s feet, where she picked it up and pointed it at him. In the doorway, the members of Squid Team Six jumped into action.

“Weapons free!” Bradley yelled as the team all pulled their weapons out, but nobody did anything more than that.

“Soooo…” Phil stated with concern, “Did, uh, did anybody else forget how to pull the trigger?”

“I-I can’t.” Emrys said, “Not on her.”

From the ground, Blake gathered himself and looked up at Callie as she pointed his weapon at him. Her posture was imposing, her face devoid of emotion, and most shockingly of all, she wore the same glasses as the Octolings they’d encountered earlier.

“Callie?” Blake asked, “What’s going on?”

Suddenly, Blake heard a maniacal laugh from another room. A solid portion of the wall dissolved away, revealing a glass window, with an Octarian in a labcoat behind it.

“What do you think is going on?” He asked, stepping out of the room, “Callie works for us now.”

“Impossible,” Blake said. He refused to believe Callie would turn like this. It wasn’t like her.

“Oh?” The Octarian replied, “Well then, how do explain your current situation?”

From the doorway, Emrys spoke up.

“Those glasses,” he said.

“What?” Phil asked.

“It’s the glasses,” Emrys clarified, “They’re controlling her. That explains the ‘Mental conditioning’ you’re doing on the Octolings, and why Sanya picked up weird signals coming from the glasses at that camp. Somehow, they’re controlling Callie with them.”

“Right you are, child,” The Octarian congratulated, “My name is Dr. Octovor, and these are my newest creations: the hypnoshades!”

“What?” Blake asked, still stunned. Dr. Octovor walked forward, stopping right next to Callie, who didn’t move at his arrival.

“These hypnoshades are a genius invention of my own design,” he said, placing a hand on the nonresponsive Callie’s shoulder, “They take all the pesky thoughts that might pop into little Callie’s brain and replace them with my commands. And right now, my command is to end you and your friends here.”

Callie aimed Blake’s weapon at him. Blake stared at Callie, unable to bring himself to do anything.

This is it. Game over.

Just as Blake resolved to embrace infinity, a stream of purple ink flew towards Callie, knocking the N-Zap out of her hand. Blake turned to see that Emrys had fired.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured, “I wasn’t aiming at her.”

Dr. Octovor grunted as he stepped back.

“We have no time for this,” he snarled, “DJ Octavio is expecting us. Callie, cover our escape. We’re leaving.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Blake said, hopping up and grabbing his N-Zap, intending to chase them down. Squid Team Six ran into the room as well, but Callie threw a couple of burst bombs their direction, slowing them down as her and Octovor left her room.

“Come back here!” Blake yelled as he gave chase. As he was leaving the room, Phil noticed something on the ground in the other doorway.

“Blake look out!” He called. Remembering his training from when he first received his Dualies, Phil lunged forward, executing a perfect “dodge roll” technique. He grabbed Blake and tackled him to the ground just beyond the door as the hidden ink mine in the doorway exploded.

Blake recollected himself and helped Phil to his feet.

“Thanks for the save,” he said before grabbing his weapon,” Now come on guys. We’ve gotta follow them!”

The rest of the team moved to follow Blake, but Bradley spoke up from the back of the group.


Everyone stopped and turned towards him.

“Blake,” he started, “There’s something else you need to know.

Bradley pulled out his phone.

“When Phil and I were looking for Callie, we found this computer, and I downloaded its files. At first, it just looked like blueprints for a ship, but as I went through it, I discovered something horrible.”

He pointed his phone towards Blake to show him what he was talking about.

“Blake, they’re planning an attack on Inkopolis. According to this, they’re using the Great Zapfish to power some kind of weapon, and this ship is the delivery system. If they succeed, Inkopolis will have no way to defend itself. We’re the only ones out here, we’ve got to stop it.”

Blake paused to think. He had to figure out how to go about their mission with this new information.

“Team, to the ship,” Blake ordered, “We’re following Callie.”

“Are you serious?” Bradley asked, “Inkopolis doesn’t know this is coming. Our friends are in danger. Rescuing Callie is no longer the top priority!”

“Rescuing Callie is and will always be top priority,” Blake snapped, “Look, they took her for a reason. I don’t know what it is. To be a general? To distract Inkopolis for this attack? To get information on our defenses? I just don’t know. But I do know this: once we rescue Callie, we’ll be in a better position to stop Octavio. Besides, Dillon’s going after the Zapfish, so we can still go after Callie.”

“I’ve never known you to be one to put the fate of Inkopolis in the hands of Team Marie,” Bradley stated.

“My orders stand,” Blake reiterated, “Squid Team Six, let’s move out.”

Blake headed for their ship, the rest of the team in pursuit. Bradley remained put for a moment.

You’d better hope you’re right. He thought. Because if you’re not, we’re all doomed.

With that, Bradley chased after his team.

Octo Canyon: Central Landing Pad

After a brief chase, Blake and Squid Team Six had finally caught up to Dr. Octovor and Callie. They left their ship and chased them to the end of a long platform. Once the two reached the edge, they turned around to face Blake and his team as Blake stepped forward.

“Give it up Octovor!” Blake called, “You’ve got nowhere else to run!”

“Fool,” the Octarian replied, “Do you honestly think I’d run all the way out here if I didn’t have a plan.”

With that said, Octolings leapt up from below the platform, surrounding the team.

“Octolings!” Cody called out.

“That’s not all,” Bradley added, “Look!”

Bradley pointed back the way they came as several Octarian soldiers of different types stormed the platform. Blake turned back to Dr. Octovor.

“You think you can beat us?” He asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Octovor responded. Blake raised his weapon.

“Squid Team Six, ATTACK!”

With Blake’s call, the six inklings sprang into action. Ink flew everywhere as Octolings and Octotroopers tried to gun down the squad, but the inklings managed to evade the shots and counterattack. As his team combated the soldiers, Blake rushed Dr. Octovor. Just before he was able to fire, Callie jumped in his way, Hero Roller in hand, which she slammed down, causing Blake to jump back. Dr. Octovor laughed.

“You still think you can win?” he asked.

“I know we can,” Blake replied, “We didn’t come this far to lose to you.”

Blake rushed Octovor again, but Callie still kept him at bay. She splashed her roller and charged Blake, but thinking quickly, he retreated into the ink to flank around her. Jumping out from behind her, Blake swung around and kicked Callie’s roller out of her hand, before moving to charge Octovor. Callie recovered in time to pull out a suction bomb and hurl it towards Blake, causing him to dodge out of the way.

I won’t be stopped!

Blake turned again and rushed Octovor, but before he arrived, Callie jumped in front of him, arms outstretched. Blake stopped in his tracks as Octovor laughed.

“You still don’t get it, do you?” The doctor asked, “With Callie here, I can’t lose. Not to you anyways. You wouldn’t dare hurt her, and I’m not above using her as a shield.”

Blake snarled as he lowered his weapon slightly. As he did, Callie grabbed his hand and squeezed his wrist, causing him to drop his weapon. She then lifted her leg, kneeing him in the gut, before tossing him aside, his body collapsing on the ground.

“You poor foolish child,” Octovor said in a condescending tone, “You came so far only to be defeated by the very one you came to save.”

Callie walked forward as she pulled out several burst bombs. Blake sat helplessly on the ground as she approached him. This was it.

“Now then Callie,” Octovor said, “Time for the bomb rush.”

“With pleasure,” Callie replied. Readying her bombs, she released them, all four heading straight for Blake. He closed his eyes, awaiting the end.


The sound of several explosions filled Blake’s ears, but to his surprise, he was still alive. He opened his eyes slowly to see a green shield projected out before him as it faded away. He turned around to see Dillon standing behind him.

“Looks like I showed up just in time,” he said. His bubbler had saved Blake from certain doom. He offered Blake his hand, and helped him to his feet. Dr. Octovor took a step back in confusion.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“You said Blake and his team would never take a shot at Callie,” Dillon said.

Dr. Octovor looked past the two inklings as three more green-haired inklings emerged from seemingly nowhere. They helped the other inklings combat his troops, who were now fighting a losing battle.

“Luckily for them, they’ve got some friends who would.” Dillon aimed his Splattershot Jr. at Callie, who struck a defensive pose.

“What are you doing here?” Blake asked.

“We tracked the Zapfish out here, and when we saw you, we knew we had to jump in. Good thing too.”


The two inklings stood ready for another round with Callie and Octovor, the latter of which glared at the inklings with anger.

This isn’t how it was supposed to be. He said only Team Callie would show up. This is all wrong.

“Dillon,” Blake advised, “It’s those glasses. They’re controlling her. Knock them off, and she’ll be free.”

“Good to know,” Dillon replied, pulling his phone out, “Nick, come in. I need your assistance. Blake and I will be down here distracting Callie, but I’ll need your steady hand to snipe the glasses off of her head.”

“Can do,” Nick’s voice came over the phone.

“Callie,” Octovor commanded, “Eliminate them!”

“Time to drop the beatdown,” Callie said and she charged the two inklings, who in turn moved to try and give Nick a clear shot.

From his perch above the arena, Nick aimed his Splatterscope towards Blake & Dillon’s brawl with Callie hoping to get a clean shot. Each time he thought he had it, she jumped out of the way with amazing speed.

Geez, what does this girl have on her boots? I’ve never seen someone move so fast.

Nick continued to try and line up a shot, but again, struggled mightily.

“Augh,” He blurted, clearly frustrated, “I can’t hit her.”

“I can.”

Nick turned to his left to see none other than Marie herself step forward, Hero Charger in hand.

“Marie?” Nick asked in shock, “What are you doing here?”

“Saving my cousin,” Marie replied, taking aim. Nick looked down at the scene.

“Think you can hit her?” He asked. Marie smirked.

“I know all of Callie’s moves,” she replied, “So, yeah, I can hit her.” Without another word, Marie pulled the trigger and fired a stream of green ink.

On the ground, Blake rolled to the side to avoid Callie’s attack. Callie turned around and slammed her roller onto the ground. She glared at him and lifted it up and behind her, and began to make a sprint towards Blake. However, before she could reach him, a stream of green ink came from behind Blake and nailed Callie dead on, sending the hypnoshades flying off her head. Callie immediately collapsed to the ground. The hypnoshades bounced for a while before stopping at the feet of Dillon, who promptly crushed them, much to Dr. Octovor’s anger.

“No!” He called out, “The hypnoshades! Those were the first working pair, the most precious to me.”

“Oops,” Dillon joked.

Blake ran over to Callie and held her in his arms as she came to.

“Callie,” he said, “Hey, are you okay? Say something.”

Callie slowly opened her eyes.

“Wha-what’s happening?” She asked groggily, “Where am I?”

Blake smiled.

“You’re safe now.”

Squid Team Six and Team Marie, as well as Marie herself, all gathered around Blake and Callie as Dr. Octovor stepped back. Marie ran ahead to see her cousin.

“Callie,” she said, tears forming in her eyes, “Callie, are you okay?”

“Ma-Marie?” Callie asked, still groggy, “I…ow my head. It hurts so much.”

“It’ll get better, don’t you worry.” Marie reassured.

Dillon walked forward, aiming his weapon at the scientist.

“It’s over,” he declared, “You lose.”


A booming voice echoed over the entire area. The inklings turned to see something descending from the sky. A large floating machine with two large fists in the front. Sitting in the control seat was the one and only DJ Octavio.

“You!” Blake called in anger.

“That’s right,” Octavio answered, “It’s the one and only DJ Octavio, here to drop some spicy wasabi beats. But I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. I’ve got a concert in Inkopolis to head to, and I’d hate to be late. Octovor, deal with these pests.”

With that, DJ Octavio’s machine flew off towards a large ship in the distance, which Bradley recognized as the ship from the schematics he found earlier.

Dr. Octovor turned to face the inklings, face filled with newfound determination. He pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it.

“Game over kids,” he declared as he stepped back. The ground began to rumble and the inklings all moved to keep their balance. Blake looked ahead, and his eyes widened with shock as an enormous creature began to rise from just beyond the platform. Dr. Octovor stepped back onto the creatures head as it rose, and began to laugh.

“Meet the Octarian Leviathan!”

Squid Team Six and Team Marie both stepped back as the massive Octarian emerged from the depths. The creature was larger than anything they had ever seen, almost dwarfing Inkopolis Tower in size.

“This creature is a marvelous specimen, wouldn’t you agree?” Dr. Octovor asked, “Its secretions contain a natural chemical that suppresses brain functions, which in turn allowed me to create my ingenious hypnoshades. Of course, you destroyed them, but no matter, we can do this the old fashioned way.”

With the snap of Dr. Octovor’s fingers, the Leviathan launched two tentacles towards the group. Acting fast, Marie shoved Blake out of the way.

“Marie, no!” Blake called, but it was too late. The suction cups of the tentacles latched onto the back of the necks of Callie and Marie, causing them both to slump over.

“Oh, this is bad,” Cody observed.

“Now,” Dr. Octovor called, “Rise, and eliminate these fools.”

Callie and Marie slowly got to their feet, grabbing their respective weapons. They looked up at the inklings, their eyes devoid of any emotion as they slowly walked towards the group.

“Now what?” Bradley asked, “If we can’t stop Octavio’s ship, we’ll have failed both parts of our mission. We’ve got to do something.”

Blake pulled out his phone, hoping to warn Inkopolis.

“Blake to base,” he said, “Anthony, Logan, anybody. Respond.”


“I can’t get a signal out.” Blake stated. He turned to Dillon.

“Me neither,” Dillon said, “Something here is jamming us.”

“Didn’t Sheldon say there would be interference out here?” Ruben asked.

“This isn’t just interference,” Sanya clarified, “Something’s deliberately jamming us.”

“If we can’t warn Inkopolis, they’re doomed,” Bradley said, “What do we do?”

Blake looked towards the brainwashed Squid Sisters as they slowly made their way towards the group, and then back to Octavio’s ship. He then pulled out his inkstrike tablet.

I still have a weak signal.

“Okay guys, listen up.” Blake called, “Dillon and I will get to Octavio’s ship and stop him. The rest of you, free the Squid Sisters and then get back to Inkopolis. They’re going to need your help.”

Dillon looked at Blake, clearly confused.

“Um, did you say we were going to stop Octavio? How?”

“Leave that to me,” Blake said, activating an Inkstrike. He turned to Bradley.

“Can I trust you to handle things here?” He asked. Bradley nodded.


Blake and Dillon turned to notice the Inkstrike approaching from behind. Dillon walked up to Blake, still not exactly sure what he had in mind.

“So how exactly is that getting us onto his ship?”

Blake attached something to his weapon.

“Just watch. Oh, and you might wanna hang on.” Blake reached his hand out, and Dillon reluctantly grabbed it. Blake aimed his gun overhead and fired a grappling hook as the Inkstrike passed overhead. The hook latched onto the missile perfectly.

“Oh you can’t be serious!!!!” Dillon called out in terror as he and Blake were yanked from the ground into the air by the missile. The duo flew towards Octavio’s ship as everyone else watched.

“Well,” Octovor called to Callie and Marie, “Don’t just stand there. Eliminate your former teams!”

The two idols immediately turned around and charged the inklings, who prepared to do battle yet again.

Octavio’s Ship

Blake and Dillon sailed through the air, approaching Octavio’s ship. Blake looked back at Dillon, who didn’t seem to be enjoying the trip all too much.

“This is absurd!” Dillon called out, “Only you would be dumb enough to try this. How can you stand this kind of speed anyways?”

“Team rollercoasters remember?” Blake replied.

“Of course!” Dillon yelled back. Looking down, he noticed it appeared they would overshoot the ship. “Wait, where are we going?”

“Down,” Blake yelled, disengaging the grappling hook. The two inklings plummeted to the ship below, just narrowly managing to grab onto a railing on the upper deck. Dillon glared at Blake as they climbed up.

“You’re lucky I have quick reflexes.”

“I knew you’d make it.”

“So why bail out?”

“For this.”

Blake pointed at the Inkstrike as is turned and slammed into the forward part of the ship.

“If there’s security on this ship, they’ll all be up there now,” Blake explained.

“Not bad,” Dillon admitted, “Now let’s get that Zapfish.”

The two inklings ran below deck and made their way to the engine room. As they opened the door, they were immediately met with fire from Octotroopers, and lots of them. They were guarding the Zapfish, which itself was in a cage behind a shield. Blake and Dillon fired back, but it was clear that they weren’t going to get in this way. Looking around, Blake spotted some wires coming from the Zapfish’s cage. Pointing them out to Dillon, the two surmised that the wires ran above deck, and that by cutting them, they can separate the Zapfish from the ship. Turning around, the two headed back above deck and towards where the wires were.

“I found them,” Blake called as he and Dillon made their way to them.

“So if we just pull these, we can stop this thing?” Dillon asked, “Sounds simple enough.”

The two approached the wires, but were suddenly stopped by a voice from behind.

“Not another step!”

The two inklings turned to see DJ Octavio, in his Octobot King suit, and an army of Octarians surrounding them.

“Trying to sneak around backstage?” Octavio asked, “Not on my ship!”

Octavio fired a fist towards the inklings, and Dillon pushed Blake out of the way, while taking a hit and being sent into the wall, falling unconscious.

“Dillon!” Blake called. Blake grabbed his weapon and got up, but was immediately grabbed by an Octoling, who held him by the collar of his shirt, and began slowly walking towards the edge of the ship.

Oh no. Blake thought. This can’t get much worse.

“Ready to take the plunge kid?” Octavio asked.

Octo Canyon: Central Landing Pad

Bradley dodged to the side to avoid another shot from Marie. He had to admit, she was good, and he should have expected it. After all, she and Callie were Agent 1 and Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, so they were experts at this kind of combat. As good as Bradley and the others were, they were no match for these trained professionals. So he had to come up with a new plan. Watching as the two idols chased after the others, he noticed a potential weak spot to exploit. He called Cody over and explained his plan, then broadcast it to the others over the phone. Once they acknowledged, he gave the signal.

“Alright guys,” Bradley called, “Let’s do this!”

Immediately Cody and Ruben began to run circles around Callie, trying to divert her attention.

“Hey over here!” Ruben called. Callie responded by splashing her roller, but Ruben managed to dodge. As he did, Cody ran by, using his Inkbrush for extra speed.

“Can’t catch me!” He taunted. Callie slammed her roller down and gave chase. Across the platform, Phil used his Inkjet to annoy Marie, who took shots at him, but couldn’t quite land a hit. As she repositioned herself, Brian fired a stream of ink with his Splatling, causing her to set her sights on him.

“That’s right,” Brian called, “Look this way!”

Bradley sat back and prepared his secret weapon as the plan unfolded perfectly. Callie continued to try and attack Ruben and Cody. As she was clearly getting frustrated, a stream of purple ink whizzed by her. She turned to see Emrys across the platform.

“Hey Callie!” He called, “Come and get me!”

As Marie continued to try and get Phil out of the sky, a swarm of burst bombs exploded near her, and she noticed Sanya sprinting past her.

“I’m right here Marie!” she called.”

Both Callie and Marie set their sights on Emrys and Sanya respectively and began to run towards them, just as Bradley hoped. The two idols ran past each other towards their targets, causing the tentacles connecting them to the leviathan to cross paths, and Bradley saw his opening.

“Cody!” He called, “NOW!”

Cody leapt into the air and threw his Inkbrush, hilt first, into the ground, impaling it into the landing pad, right between the two tentacles. As Callie and Marie ran away from each other, the tentacles snagged on Cody’s inkbrush, and the force of the sudden stop caused them to let go of Callie and Marie. Both Squid Sisters slumped to the ground, free from the Leviathan as atop it, Dr. Octovor screamed in anger.

“NO!” Suddenly, he took notice of Bradley, and his heart sank. The inkling stood facing him, with a massive Inkzooka in hand.

“Hey buddy!” Bradley called, “Catch!”

Bradley fired several shots from his Inkzooka straight at the Leviathan, who reeled in pain. More shots were fired and the beast began to topple backwards, causing Dr. Octovor to lose his balance and plummet with the beast into the chasm below. As Bradley set his special weapon down, the inklings helped a freed Callie and Marie to their feet again.

“That sucked,” Marie said, “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it,” Bradley replied, glancing over at Callie, who was being supported by Cody and Emrys, “But she looks worse for wear.”

“She just needs to rest,” Marie said, “Come on, I’ve got us a ride back to Inkopolis.”

She led the inklings up to a car that was parked at the end of the platform, she had stolen it from an Octarian complex in order to catch up with the others.

“I thought we were Team Planes,” Brian remarked as he got in.

“Oh get over it,” Phil replied as the rest of the inklings got in. Marie fired up the engine and the group raced back to Inkopolis.

I sure hope Blake and Dillon are successful. Bradley thought as they sped along.

Octavio’s Ship

The Octoling held Blake over the ledge of the ship, preparing to drop him off. Dillon was still unconscious and Blake couldn’t risk firing his weapon given his current situation. He looked at Octavio as the latter smirked.

“So, it’s come to this. The great Blake has failed for the last time,” Octavio taunted. “You know I spent a long time plotting this revenge, so I knew I’d have to deal with you. And that’s why I took Callie. I knew your team was the biggest threat to my plan, so I took the thing most precious to you, knowing that you would rather die than harm her. And now with you out of my way, I’m free to finally accomplish my goals. Any last words?”

Blake glanced over Octavio’s shoulder to notice Dillon getting up, and making his way to the cords they were trying to unplug.

“Yeah,” Blake replied, “I’d hold on to something if I were you.”

Octavio was momentarily confused before an Octotrooper called out Dillon’s whereabouts. Octavio turned to see Dillon right by the cables connecting the Zapfish to the rest of the ship.

“Light’s out,” he said, yanking on the cord. Silence fell over the ship as suddenly it began to lose altitude.

“NO!” Octavio called, “My grand stage!” He lunged towards Dillon who dodged out of the way. As Octavio chased him, the ship shook, and the Octoling holding Blake lost her grip, causing Blake to fall. Acting fast, he fired his grappling hook at this side of the ship, and swung into a window, right outside the engine room.

Time to free the Zapfish. Blake thought as he ran in.

Above deck, Octavio tried to take Dillon out. The two battled fiercely, but suddenly, the ship jerked hard to the right, causing Dillon to stumble and fall off the edge. Octavio regained his composure and headed back inside.

“Out of my way!” he called as he moved to his personal ship. “Time for my new Octobot Emperor ship to take flight.”

Octavio headed up a ramp into a large ship housed within the vessel. As soon as he was on board, it powered up and began to leave the ship and continue on its way to Inkopolis.

In the engine room, Blake managed to disengage the Zapfish’s cage’s restraints.

“Okay buddy. I hear you can fly,” Blake said to the Zapfish, “Now let’s see you get me out of here.” He pressed the “Eject” button on the control panel as he grabbed onto the Great Zapfish, as both of them were sucked out of the ship.

Path to Inkopolis

As they drove towards Inkopolis, Bradley suddenly noticed Octavio’s ship in the air. It was smoking, and appeared to be veering off course.

“Check that out,” he said, pointing at what he saw. The inklings all looked up to see the ship, but suddenly Nick called out with panic in his voice.

“And check THAT out!” He called. Looking through his scope, he noticed Dillon falling from the ship, without any way to slow down.

“Is that Dillon?” Sanya asked.

“What do we do?” Ruben asked.

Thinking fast, Brian turned to Phil.

“Hey,” he said, “Think you can fly me over there?”

“Sure can,” Phil replied. Activating his Inkjet, he grabbed Brian and flew ahead towards Dillon. At Brian’s request, Phil dropped him, and using his Splatling, Brian created a pool of green ink below Dillon. Noticing this, Dillon changed into squid form and landed in the ink. Slowly, he emerged, shaking off excess ink from himself.

“Thanks for that,” he said.

“No problem,” Brian replied, “You stuck the landing by the way.”

The two shared a laugh as the car pulled up.

“Where’s Blake?” Sanya asked.

“He’s still up there,” Dillon replied.

“Uhhh,” Cody pointed into the sky, “Is that him?”

Everyone looked up to see the Great Zapfish flying down towards the group. As it flew overhead, Blake leapt off and landed, and the Zapfish flew back towards nearby Inkopolis.

“Who knew it could fly?” Ruben commented.

“Guys,” Blake said seriously, “I saw Octavio. He’s still heading for Inkopolis in a smaller ship. He hasn’t given up.”

“Guess it’s time for one last fight,” Phil said, readying his Dualies.

“Not for you guys,” Blake said, “That ship was jamming us, so I want you to contact Inkopolis and tell them to prepare for a fight. Dillon and I will take down Octavio while you keep the streets safe, okay?”

“Cleanup duty?” Brian asked, “Eh, more guys to shoot anyways.”

“Mind if we help you?” Marie asked. Blake and Dillon turned around to see Callie and Marie, both in their Agent 1 and 2 outfits.

How did they change that fast?

“You sure you’re up for it?” Blake asked.

“Of course,” Callie replied, “I’ve got a score to settle with the good DJ.”

“Then it’s settled,” Blake stated, “Callie and Marie will join us. Now all we need is a way up there.”

Blake grinned as he looked slyly at Dillon. He knew Dillon hated his methods.

“Not to rain on your parade,” Dillon started, “But I’ve got a MUCH easier way up there.”

“Which is?”

“I tossed a beacon on Octavio’s suit before I fell. We can Super Jump right to his ship.”

“Killjoy,” Blake replied as the teams split up. Dillon, Blake, Callie, and Marie readied their weapons as the rest of the inklings piled back into the car to head for Inkopolis.

“Good luck,” Bradley said.

“Same to you good buddy,” Blake replied. With that, the four of them launched themselves onto Octavio’s ship.

Octavio’s Ship: Octobot Emperor

Blake, Dillon and the Squid Sisters landed in an open area of Octavio’s new ship. It was small, but still imposing. The four of them readied their weapons.

“Alright guys, listen up,” Blake stared, “We’re on the bottom deck, and Octavio’s probably at the top. I say we split up to take him by surprise. Dillon and I will go one way, while Callie and Marie go the other. Sound good?”

The others agreed as the group split. Blake and Dillon weren’t expecting much in the way of security, so they were caught off guard when each deck contained dozens of Octotroopers. It took every ounce of effort to get through them in such a tight space. After four decks of Octarians, Blake and Dillon finally made their way into the bridge. As they got there, they noticed a door open up across the way, and Marie emerged, firing on Octotroopers in the hall before the door closed on them. Blake and Dillon ran over to her, concerned.

“What happened to Callie?” Blake asked.

“We got separated,” Marie said between breaths. She was clearly fatigued, “She must be lost. We’ve got to go back and find her.”

“Not gonna happen!”

The three inklings turned to see DJ Octavio, sill in his Octobot King mecha suit. He lurked imposingly over the three as they readied their weapons.

“It’s over Octavio,” Blake called, “We win.”

“Oh no,” Octavio rebutted, “This number has just begun. Behold!”

The ship shook as the domed roof above them opened to reveal the sky above. Along the walls, two large speakers emerged and raised up until they were positioned just outside.

“What is this?” Dillon demanded.

“It’s the end,” Octavio explained, “You see, I’m sure you found this out when you looked through my files, but I use my music to keep those Octolings in line. But lately I’ve gotten to wondering how to use it to get Inklings to fall in line too. At first it seemed like y’all just wouldn’t see the music, but thanks to Dr. Octovor and his wonderful test subject, Callie, I discovered the perfect beat that will subdue any inkling.”

“Test subject?” Marie said angrily. How dare he refer to her cousin that way!

“So take a look here,”

With the press of a button, several screens flared to life, showing Squid Team Six, Team Marie, and several other inklings doing battle with Octarians in the city streets.

“They won’t lose,” Blake stated.

“Oh you’re right,” Octavio said, “Not until they hear my beats that is!”


Pressing a button on his panel, the speakers began broadcasting Octavio’s signal to Inkopolis. Blake, Dillon, and Marie watched helplessly as the inklings on the screens began to grab their heads in pain and collapse to their knees. Blake pulled out his phone to contact Bradley.

“Bradley, what’s going on down there?”

Bradley’s voice came through, albeit very strained.

“This sound…I can’t. It’s…you’ve got to stop it.”

Blake looked at the screen as he noticed Bradley and the rest of Squid Team Six collapse.

“And this is only set one!” Octavio gloated, “My Octolings are waiting outside the city limits with a pair of hypnoshades for every last one of those inklings. Once they’re all incapacitated by my beats, the Octolings will rush in and place hypnoshades on everyone, and I’ll finally have total control over Inkopolis!”

“But why?” Dillon asked, “Why do this?”

“It’s because of what that Cuttlefish did to me! He and the other inklings left us with nothing, so now it’s time for revenge!”

“You’ll have to go through us first,” Blake said.

“All too easy,” Octavio said as his mech powered up. One of the fists began to glow as it fired out. Dillon acted fast and fired at it, sending it right back to Octavio, who barely dodged it.

“You’re gonna need new material bro,” Dillon gloated.

“Oh yeah,” Octavio replied, “How’s this for new material?” The right fist of Octavio’s mech began to spin rapidly before launching itself towards Dillon. He fired upon it, but to no avail as it slammed into him, sending him into the wall, knocked clean out. Marie began to fire on Octavio as Blake ran around to try and check on Dillon. As Marie fired, Octavio launched some strange round objects towards Marie that landed all around her. Before she had a chance to do anything, they burst sending ink everywhere. Marie took the hit head on and flew backwards, eventually lying on the ground, unconscious. Blake stood to face Octavio, now the last man standing. His friends on the surface were moments away from being brainwashed, and it was up to him to save them. He rushed Octavio, dodging his spinning punches and ink-spraying orbs, until he was right in front of the floating mech.

“So, you think you’re safe down there?” Octavio taunted, “Well, try this on for size.”

Before Blake could react, a heavy shower of ink sprayed down from under Octavio. Blake barely avoided it and ran away, as Octavio gave chase. He avoided it for a while, but wasn’t fast enough, as Octavio flew over him, smashing him with ink and sending him crashing to the ground, his N-Zap flying across the room. Blake slowly got to his feet and turned to face Octavio, now defenseless.

“It’s over kid,” Octavio gloated, “I’ve won, your friends are gonna be my groupies, and your city will be under my control forever!”

As Octavio continued to declare is ultimate victory, Blake caught a glance of something across the room. To his surprise, it was none other than Callie, emerging from a doorway, roller in hand. She looked up then down at Blake, and pointed at her roller and then upwards. Blake got the message and looked back towards Octavio.

“Ready for the end squiddo?” He asked. Blake said nothing, instead diving into the ink below. Octavio laughed.

“I get it,” he said, “Just run away little squid. You can’t win, might as well retreat eh? Well that’s not happening. You won’t escape.

Oh I’m not escaping. I’m about to defeat you.

Mustering all his remaining strength, Blake super jumped into the air above Octavio, catching the DJ by surprise. From behind the mech, Callie hurled her roller into the air towards Blake, who caught it and aimed it right for the exposed Octavio.

Who’s dropping the beatdown now?

Blake slammed Callie’s roller down hard on Octavio’s control board, destroying it, which in turn shut off his mind-numbing music.

“No!” Octavio yelled, “My beats!”

Blake quickly smacked the DJ with the roller, knocking him out, before landing the Octobot King mech on the ground and hopping out.

“You did it!” Callie cheered, jumping to hug Blake.

“Couldn’t have without you,” Blake replied, blushing slightly. Dillon and Marie approached, both rubbing the sore parts of their bodies.

“So,” Dillon observed, “Did we do it?”

“We’re not finished yet,” Blake said, pulling his phone out, “Blake to surface, can anybody hear me?”

“Good to hear your voice again Blake,” It was Logan, sounding a bit groggy, but nonetheless unharmed, “Did you win?”

“You know it,” Blake replied.

“Good, I’ve got something for you,” Logan said, “Sanya told me you needed the inverse frequency to the signal those hypnoshades were getting, just in case. Well we found it, I’ll send it to you now.”

Blake looked at his phone as Dillon approached.

“Why did y’all ask for that?” he inquired.

“It was a failsafe,” Blake replied, “In case a pair of those things ended up on one of us in the future. But now, I know the best way to use it.”

“You’re going to free the Octolings,” Dillon said, piecing it all together.

“Exactly,” Blake said, glancing over the frequency, “Whoa,” he commented, “That’s some pretty complex stuff. We’re gonna need a really fresh beat to get this to work.”

“Did you say ‘fresh beat’?”

Blake and Dillon turned to see Callie and Marie, now in their Squid Sister outfits, standing atop the stage on DJ Octavio’s mech.

How the carp do they change clothes so quickly?

“Oh yeah,” Blake said, “This will work.”

Blake and Dillon got to work reconfiguring Octavio’s broadcasting system. When they set it up, they pressed a button to broadcast, and the Squid Sisters began to sing a new version of their classic Calamari Inkantation. As the fresh vocals of the Squid Sisters once again filled the air in Inkopolis, all the inklings began to dance and cheer. On the streets, Bradley and the others noticed the approaching Octolings stop and begin to grab their heads. One by one, they began to remove the hypnoshades, and look around without them for the first time.

“It’s working,” Bradley noted, “They’re being freed.”

After the Squid Sisters finished their song, every Octoling in Inkopolis had shed their hypnoshades and joined the inklings, who welcomed their fresh new friends with open arms. Blake, Dillon and the Squid Sisters landed DJ Octavio’s ship and escorted him out, where he was greeted by none other than Agent 3.

“Well well,” Blake said, “Look who finally showed up.”

“I know, I know,” Agent 3 replied, “I’ve been busy.”

“You sure he won’t get out again?” Dillon asked.

“Oh, I’m sure,” Agent 3 replied, “We’ve got a new maximum security facility juuuust for him.”

Agent 3 smirked as she happily led the Octarian DJ away to his new home. As Blake and Dillon saw them off, the rest of their teams joined them in the town center. They had done it, their missions were a success. Both Callie and the Great Zapfish had returned, Octavio was locked away for good, and peace had returned to Inkopolis.

“Good work everyone,” Blake said to his team.

“Now what?” Sanya asked. Callie and Marie approached the teams, finally pulling themselves away from their adoring fans.

“Sheesh, those squids are crazy,” Marie said.

“I guess they really missed us,” Callie observed.

“So what are you going to be up to now?” Emrys asked the two. Callie and Marie both looked at each other.

“Well, it looks like the Squid Sisters are officially back together!” Callie declared.

“Yeah,” Marie agreed, “We should have never split in the first place.” The two cousins embraced. Callie suddenly threw her hands up in excitement.

“Ah! We should have a reunion concert!” she yelled.

“Wha-right now?” Marie asked.

“No, silly. Tonight.” Callie corrected, “Come on it’ll be fun. I just thought of a great idea for a new song!”

“Okay, okay,” Marie conceded, “Reunion concert it is.”


Lights flashed and music blared as the Squid Sisters reunion concert began at nightfall in the center of Inkopolis. Both girls danced and sang to an enormous crowd of fans as they unveiled their new song, a mixture of their two solo songs lovingly titled Fresh Start. Among the crowd were the members of Team Callie and Team Marie, who were granted front row seats for their role in saving Inkopolis. As the concert went on, Anthony of Team Callie watched from atop a nearby building. As he looked down at the concert, he was greeted by Mikey of Team Marie.

“Not much of a concert person?” he asked.

“Not really my thing,” Anthony admitted, “Besides, someone had to keep watch tonight.”

“For what?”

“Eh, who knows? That was just my excuse.”

Mikey sat down next to his rival and looked down at his friends as they enjoyed the concert. It was great to see guys who had been melancholy for so long due to the absence of Callie and Marie go back to their old, fun-loving selves.

“So, what?” Mikey asked, “Does this mean we can’t be rivals anymore? I mean, we saved the city together, and the Squid Sisters are united again, so are Team Callie and Team Marie no more?”

“Come on,” Anthony said, standing up, “Team Callie and Team Marie will always exist. We don’t have to be enemies, but the competition doesn’t have to stop.”

As Anthony spoke, the two of them overheard something from nearby. They walked towards the sounds to see something happening in the nearby section of town known as Inkopolis Square. There appeared to be a concert happening there as well, but neither inkling recognized the artists: a short squid with white tentacles, and a dark skinned Octoling.

“Hmm,” Anthony pondered, “Maybe, we just have to find new rivals.”

Mikey silently agreed as the two of them returned to Inkopolis. The new competition was about to begin…