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A Ladder, A Mirror, A Chain and A Dream

Alan Zaugg
Oct 31, 2018 · 1 min read

A single ladder, clearly forgotten;
Standing forever, firm and immovable.
A broken mirror, foreboding caution;
Once truly believed to be unbreakable.
Chains hang by the door with a lock and key.
Each link is enforced, eternally bound.
The chains witness to an eternal decree.
Once found now is lost, or lost now is found.
A Raven black, deep as the night
With crimson eyes, taken in flight.
Two statues of stone stand guard in this place.
Expressions of sorrow, filled with anguish;
A meadow of bones, a tenebrous space
Filled with foreboding, laden with languish.
Rain beats down upon heart and soul.
Lightning flashes and thunder rolls.
A dream, a reality, or in-between;
It all seems the same, it bleeds into one.
No way to separate the horrible scene.
Just let it play out until it is done.

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