Yoda You Seek

Courtesy Starwars.com

Lessons to learn, all about the force
Yoda you seek, found him of course
Look you so good, 900 you reach
Lessons to learn, I must so teach

Size matters not, when you look at me
Judge me do not, by what you see
Between you and me, the rock, the tree
The force flows, luminous are we

Always with you what cannot be done
Jedi training, we have begun
Unlearn what you’ve learned, do or do not
Clear you must be, in mind and thought

A Jedi’s strength flows deep from the force
The dark and light, be wise your course
Beware the dark side, seductive you see
Once down the dark path, lost you be
Anger and fear, aggression will lead 
To a dark place of lust and greed
For knowledge, defense, the force must be
Calm and at peace, passive you see

Ready you weren’t, to face the truth
Unfortunate be, untrained were you
Darkness and doubt, on you he’ll instill
Wary you be, or suffer you will

Time to look past, an old pile of books
To the horizon, you still look
Nothing from me, you did learn
Back to the lessons we must turn

Pass on what you’ve learned, heed you my plea
Failure’s a great teacher you see
We are what they grow beyond you see
A burden all masters must see

This man I’ve watched since a boy was he
One with the force, now is set free
Found him, he did, what he sought after
Once a learner now a master

Thank you for reading this poem of Yoda. Credit for the image and some quotes in context go to Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

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