Another Birthday

I think it is something to celebrate, always

I found this image on facebook one day, and downloaded it because it is so true for my life at that moment months ago and even still now. Fortunately, that which makes me sad now is a lot easier to let go of.

Living is a reason to celebrate, another year of life is a miracle. I only have so many of these, a finite amount.

But I am not the type to make a big occasion of it but instead I do my best to enjoy the day. I love the messages from my friends, especially those I don’t talk to anymore. It warms my heart, makes me smile. Not to mention the fact that some that I am close to go out of their way to do things for me. Now that is amazing.

In those moments I think about what I will do to return the happiness that they granted me.

Unfortunately it is also a day of introspection, and reflection on my past. On those I miss, and who I wish I could see again. Time passes, things change. You have to remember the good times, smile, and move on.

I am 22 now, consider this a new year new me kind of thing. Which I think should be my mentality to the start of everyday, because days are just our construct, it shouldn’t just be on the changing of said construct that we try to drastically change ourselves for the better. I think it should a small change for the better everyday.

I would like more control over my life. Which I think just takes practice and wisdom and of course time.

As I walk back to the office, I think about my longer term goals, what I would like to with my time.

I plan to write here a year from now to see where I have gone. Even just late year I just turned 21, bought my first bottle of booze. Then proceded to get completely wasted with my friends that night. I had a great time too, with friends I havent seen in a long time.

Long term goals:

  • Write more often, I think short stories are something I would love to make.
  • Record some more music, good music, preferably with lyrics. I think I will record cover songs I like first. Probably going to need some more equipment first, but during that time of savings I will hone my skills. With tabs, my ears, and rocksmith.
  • Learn to sing, only recently have wanted this, but I want to be able to create stories with my songs
  • Code lots websites, I want to be able to travel more and code in my down time, I think being a freelancer would be the best way to do that. All thats stopping me is time and practice. Time to learn.
  • Last one, learn spanish. I want to learn another language to be able to communicate with more of the world and learn more about my heritage and culture.

Like I said introspection. But i do this kind of thing often haha.

Really other than that. I want to strive to be kind to others. I want to learrn to love and laugh as much as other people do. I want to build my character as much as my skills. I do this everyday, but evenmore so this year and every year following, because I want to be there for people too.

When I see I am weak in something, I acknowledge the weakness, figure out what to do next and work to improve, even if it takes a while.

Greatness takes a lot time and a lot of effort, and no matter how long it takes you will never truly fail…unless you give up.

We all walk forward at different paces