As a computer science major, wouldnt you expect that I would spend most of my time looking at a screen? I m3an i kinda do tho but for a movie screen. I guess because thas because of my social isolation which you would expect from a computer science major, you wouldnt assume im a social type of guy. Which would explain my use of social media. But i just find it to be a waste of time. Unless doing something productive. But i do get the whole community aspect of it. I just so many people who are sucked up into their phone. Where snapchat is the biggest priority. Where the conversations we are having through the internet are more important than the conversations we are having around us.

…im worries. I reaally like not feeling anything. I really like it…so much i have to excersice control when it comes to this substance otherwise im going to get addicted.

Still. I wish our world wasnt so glued to our screens. So much that I want to do something about it. Which in itself might seem impossible and really just too much of a disturbance. To create something similar to a emp. Maybe I just need to find people that arent that glued to their phones. And their are people like that, that exist! Its great. Truly great. It feels like they want to be around me. That they enjoy my company over the conversations of others. I mean i get it. We are social people, we crave social interactions. So i get wanting to talk to other people but still.

I guess i might be asking to much. But really i just want to live in the moment and put down our phones. Which i guess might say something in itself. That the moment isnt worth living.