“Have a good day”

Is what we say

At our job

Day by day.

Lyrics dont always need to rhyme but i like the strain it creates. And with the amount of words we have,

Its entirely possible.

I finally told you how i feel, somewhat at least. And gave you a link. Idk if you will ever take it further. Its okay. I dont mind anymore. If you do or not. But i do worry about you. Please dont give up.

But i reread my drunk texts, they are sloppy, just like my writings some time. But it was how i felt. Im glad i was accurate in that.

I hit a mailbox earlier. I wasnt focused for a moment.

Should I have stopped and said something to them. How i hit their mailbox and didnt have the funds to fix it?

I said everything i wanted to say to people. I love them. I want the best for them. I try to encourage everyone to do their best. No matter where you start.

Im not wise. Just hurt.

Patterson-the movie, inspired this. I love the movie. I love stepping into anothers life, seeing their life. I have to stop

I want to finish this movie. Then probably head home. Someday ill find happiness, because i will good at what i love. And i will keep it because i will strive to be consistent.