The reasons:

I love the way you see the world. I love the way you move throughout it. You make me feel comfortable, and i feel like you are like me. At least i think so. Plus you have the most beautiful eyes of anyone i know.

Is it a temporary feeling. I have to move on quick, to avoid getting hurt

The feeling fades. All mine do. I dont break down anymore.

Why do i always do this.

I think i was raised this way.

Whats different? Now im emotionally insecure. Where im still somewhst lost. Where i just want a friend like you, but also I like you. And that will push you away it seems. But I shouldnt quit. I need to keep working on my relationships and on myself.

This transitioned quickly. Should i do something different? Try to not like someone after spending quality time with them?

I just realized. I dont really have guy best friends. I mean i do, but they are gay.

I miss my dad, he might be able to give me advice.

I shouldnt try so hard i think. I want to just enjoy being single. I need more time to enjoy it. To spend it doing something i want to do.

I think a day to go swimming would be nice. Or to go to yellowsprings. Its close too. Maybe skateboard there

Spend time with family. As i write those. I could bring someone with me. Someone i really want to spend time with. I think thats why i dont want to be single.

I’ll do them anyways

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