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Welcome to DAMN SON! Podcast, today we are going to talk about the truth behind titanic

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First of all there were two boats, one of them was called the Titanic and the other one was called the Titanio. Each of them belonged to different cruisers boats companies. Both companies were company rivals. However the Titanio had one thing in common which was to take college spring breakers to Cancun in Mexico ( I am in Miami beach song ).

(Titanic background music throughout the story)

Jack and rose were in the same boat obviously, but what rose didn’t know is that jack had a girl on the side, she was in the other boat and her name was Lockuisha (R-Kelly I’m a flirt song).

Everything seemed to be alright but rose didn’t know that jack was gonna get rid of her. One night, Jack took his dirty underwear to the operation’s room and he threw his underwear into the motor to get it stuck and as a consequence, it would explode. He got the hell out of there as soon as he could to save his life.

Jack was about to jump off from the titanic to land onto a little boat he had prepared to escape and meet up with his girl on the side but Rose was an sleepwalker and somehow she was already on the little boat. Jack jumped onto the little boat to wake her up. Both of them saw how the titanic was about sink. Harry potter was on the titanic but his magic wand got wet so he couldn’t do anything bro, suddenly Rose and Jack realized they were going to sink too because the little boat was design for one person and water was getting inside the boat. Jack immediately said, “honey, I will sacrifice my self. Rose was like “Okay cool but hurry because I am getting wet.” So Jack jumped onto the water and started to pretend he was drowning but in reality he was diving to go to see his other girl. Long story short jack married Lockuisha and rose was rescued by a fisherman.

(X-files theme song)

Now that you know what happened go tell your friends about the truth, tune in next week to know more about the truth because I know that you want to know the things that I know. This was “DAMN SON! Podcast, see you guys next week.