Recharge your car’s battery with one push!!!

More than once in our life time we will forget to turn off the head lights of our cars leaving ourselves with a dead battery. We can always use jumping cables but sometimes we will not have them with us. Calling a fried is another option but maybe that friend is busy so it means you will be stuck somewhere out there for a while.

You can always start your car by yourself without using jumping cables as long as your car has a manual transmission. Here below are five simple steps to follow.

  • check the dashboard of your car. If you can’t start your car but you still have some lightning in the dashboard, then put the stick shift in neutral and leave the keys in starting mode inside the ignition slot.
  • Once your car is in neutral, make sure that you have a clear road in front of you. If the road in front of you is blocked, then check the road behind you and make sure it is clear.
  • Get out of the car and put your shoulder somewhere in the frame of the opened passenger door to push the car forward with your shoulder or even with your hand.
  • Try to push the car making it go as fast as you can. Once you reach the fastest speed according to your push, get back inside the car and right away step on the clutch pedal to put the car in first gear without stepping on the brakes or anything that might make the car stop. You can also push the car to make it go in reverse but you would have to put the stick shift in reverse gear when you get back inside the car.
  • Withdraw your foot from the clutch instantaneously after you put the stick shift in gear shift or in reverse gear. As soon as you hear that the motor is running step on the clutch pedal again so you don’t stall the motor. You might have to do a few attempts before getting the car running. That’s why a clear road is important. Make sure you run the car for at least 15 minutes so the alternator in your car can charge the battery again.

Following all the steps above come in handy when you don’t have the equipment or resources to charge your battery. Once again, this only works with manual transmissions.

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