Reading “Harry Potter” for the first time… as an adult (Part 6/7)

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is now my favorite book in the series so far! I loved the exploring Voldemort’s history and the learning about the mysterious Half-blood Prince through their book. The pacing and focus of the narrative were a welcome change from book 5. Also, people who said that the books got darker as you go along in the series were absolutely correct. The first few books seemed so innocent and carefree compared to after Voldemort returned.

Accio the tweets!

Discussion Question:

My friend Kristin posed this question during a recent movie night: why doesn’t Hogwarts have an obesity epidemic? The students eat lavish meals and the only exercise we hear about is walking around Hogwarts. Quidditch seems like moderate exercise, but only a few students regularly participate. Only a handful of students are depicted as overweight. Does magic burn a ton of calories? Is there a magical P.E. class? Do students swim laps in the lake? How DO they do it? Discuss in the comments section.

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