5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Blogging and My Big Bad Self

I’ve been blogging weekly for a year now. Every Sunday, I post a 350-word piece which goes out on Tuesday mornings to 400 subscribers. I try to craft witty observations on life. It’s often a challenge to come up with something new. But I do it. For 52-weeks, I’ve managed to pull it together. That, and write my 2nd novel. So what have I learned? A lot. But let’s just start with the 5-basic lessons. That seems like more than enough for most intelligent adults to absorb in one fast read.

1. Silence is Golden

Face it. People have better things to do than spend their time responding to your blog. Haven’t they already given you enough of their time? Heck, they read your blog. You’ve once again inserted yourself into their life. Try not to suck all the oxygen out of the room by demanding that they also respond.

2. Your Mother Still Loves You

And that’s how it should be. The rest of the world — not so much. You might be entertaining, but even the best stand-up isn’t worthy of more than one round of applause. Deep down, you know it’s true.

3. Your Building a Legacy

In author speak — it’s a platform. You’re working to remain relevant so that when you’re ready with your next book — readers will fondly recall your voice — and buy. So every time you blog, that beautifully crafted bit is nothing more than a sale’s pitch. And most people throw away those Publisher’s Clearinghouse mailers. Hey, I bet you do too.

4. Shares and Likes are Hard to Come By

You think your words are so powerful that you post them on Facebook and Twitter. You probably even spend money and boost them. Time to get over yourself. No one gives a crap about the nonsense in your head. Except your therapist. And you’re paying him. Remember?

5. It’s an Honor to be Welcomed into Someone’s Inbox

Try not to offend. Not everyone likes off-color humor and potty jokes. Of course, I love them. But do your best to rise above the juvenile tripe. Instead, search for the goodness in others. The failures in yourself. Expose-expose-expose. And always remember. Good fart jokes are best left to those seedy publications in the bathroom. Hmm. I wonder how much money you can make writing one of those?

6. Bonus Item

When all else fails — throw in the photo of a dog. Everyone loves dogs. It will help garner reader attention.