What Are You Earning from Amazon?

The other day at dinner, I made the mistake of telling friends about the royalties being paid by Amazon. I wasn’t bragging, believe me. Just answering a question. Based on the expressions of those around the table, I could see that they thought I was a real dope. And who could disagree?

But I am Smart

Most people think writing a novel is an amazing accomplishment. And like all things that require work and dedication, there should be a payoff at the end. But as we writers know, that’s not always the case. At least in the monetary sense. The true value is in the personal satisfaction. And if you’re anything like me, well, writing is a must. It’s the voice that whispers into my ear late at night. Usually after I’ve answered the call for that second bowl of ice cream.

Toil is my Middle Name

After all, it takes years to write a novel. Years! Hours and hours of work. And then of course you have to push to get the darn thing read as you suffer the anxiety of letting the world in on your masterpiece. Well, not exactly the world. It starts with that small group of friends, branches out to your acquaintances, and then to the acquaintances of acquaintances, until you’ve finally sold that 200th copy. Is this how Steven King started out?

Shut Your Mouth

So, I’ve decided to remove the discussion of money and sales from my repertoire. From now on, I’ll side step answering those questions. I’ll merely offer an oblique smile. Like that gal Mona Lisa. Or maybe a gentle, indecipherable nod. And I certainly won’t share that writing for Medium is a freebie. Why should I? They already think I’m nuts.