My kingdom for a tooth

For the past few weeks, we have been trying to sleep train Salvy. Needless to say that we were both tired of being tired all of the time because we would be up in the middle of the night.

We decided on Ferber, which is a method similar to “Cry it Out” but with a predetermined amount of time. We felt comfortable and safe with the baby monitor to try it out.

Results were mixed. As you can probably imagine, the first few nights were horrible. Not only would hearing him cry to make you want to get up and soothe him, but the crying would also last hours, and you’d still get no sleep. Then after a while, it started to get better. We would eventually get down to just a few minutes of crying a night. We thought we had nailed this parenting thing.

Then the teething happened. Like a plague, two bottom teeth sprouted. Ruining our night of sleep and putting us back at stage one. After about a week we started to get back on schedule. Then more teeth came. It was a sick joke. Over the course of a month, we had six new teeth.

To hell with plans. Your baby won’t follow them. We still don’t have a set schedule. And we’re typically up at least once a night. But the teething has finally subsided… For now.

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