My Plan to Preserve, Protect and Reform Medicare and Social Security
Jeb Bush

Gov. Bush -

You are absolutely correct that we must have an honest conversation about how we can protect Medicare and Social Security for future generations. With a growing debt of more than $18 trillion, the time is now to begin crafting solutions to our nation’s unsustainable budget policies. Waiting to address the finances of Social Security will mean larger spending cuts and higher tax increases. Procrastinating will leave workers with less time to plan and potentially cut benefits.

Social Security and Medicare, if left as they are, are on unsustainable paths. When the Social Security program was established, there were about 5 workers paying into the system for every beneficiary. Today, there are only three workers for each retiree. With life expectancy much higher than when Social Security was established, it is imperative we take a look at these programs and make meaningful changes in order to save the programs in the long run. Social Security and Medicare are not easy issues to discuss, but meaningful reform to these programs are absolutely essential to being able to even begin reducing our nation’s debt.

Thank you for taking the time to releasing a detailed, realistic plan to reform these programs. I hope many other candidates follow suit and discuss realistic ideas to strengthen our Social Security and Medicare programs for future generations.

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