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The best story I know

My great-grandfather was a drummer boy in the Civil War, and he was shot in the head. The field doctor put a silver dollar over the wound to keep his brains from…


A game brothers 6 and 8 have brought to the world

A friend of ours has two nephews, 6 and 8. And they have developed a game only two brothers of this age…

Do not tinker with that sinker 

To those people who cut up the doughnuts brought into the office

A box, perhaps pink, perhaps wide and flat, is carried into…

In which the NSA and I freak each other out on LinkedIn

One of the things I enjoy about LinkedIn is the ability to see who’s viewed your profile. Imagine if you could do that with…

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Your encounter exactly as it happened

New writing for new media, innovating how we express ourselves on platforms. 

Thank you for Labor Day, Clara Lemlich

She was 24, an immigrant from Ukraine, a fine singer. And she was fearless.

In defense of sharing photos of your food on social media

A mindful celebration and discussion of what we consume isn’t narcissism. It’s awareness and connection. And…

‘The Philadelphia Story’ – where wit and love and class are as clear as black and white

‘My she was yar.’

Search, in reverse

 Social media news has turned the fundamentals of our early internet use upside down. 

In times of change, make tires

Innovation is not a binary choice between the old and the new. The answer is often to contribute to evolution — by making parts that…

Independence is the wide-open road across America

I’ve driven all the way across the country five times. That would be nothing for a cross-country trucker. But my trips have commuted my…

If you are around 50, read this. 

We like the old rules – because it is fun to break them. 

James Gandolfini’s death concerned me. I look like him, for one…