We’re Looking for Writers Who Don’t Write
Ezinne Ukoha


(D)o yourself a favor and make it your mission to become a social media junkie.

Horrendous advice. Really.

If you’re a writer — an actual wordsmith. Not a “curator”, a listmaker, an unwanted advice giver — you should shut the fuck up and simply write.

And you are writing. Because you do that.

You might suck sometimes, in the eyes of the “trend”-makers (You might even begin a few sentences with “And” or “Because”)… but your words are what matter. The rhythm of them, the “flow”, as it were.

As a(n actual) writer, that’s the craft: the trick, the work, the (actual) “mission”: to make your words work well together — while at the same time, heat-seeking a readership… Better: building a platform for one to find you.

“(I)t will serve you best to minimize” your passion… your talent, the actual writing, in some ludicrous devil’s exchange for “followers”? Enabling sad FOMO on social networks?

That’s what’s going to “serve you best”?

(T)he reason we write is to get noticed” ?

Not at all!

And not only.

… If you’re a writer.

Jeff Glovsky :)

{ I get the satire, but too many won’t. }

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