Dwayne Wade’s video started it off on March 26th, offering Pearl Jam the key to American Airlines Arena. The band responded posting a video of their own, accepting the challenge and offering Miami a key to their practice space for the next time they’re in Seattle playing the Sonics!

Former Miami Heat star, Shane Battier, honored the band this past Wednesday posting a special addition of Battioke where he does a hilarious karaoke rendition of “Even Flow.”

As the show date got closer we saw a will the real Pearl Jam please stand up photo posted on the American Airlines Arena social sites:

Finally, before Pearl Jam’s show last night the Heat and American Airlines Arena shared some photos of the sweet welcome gifts they provided the band, which appear to be customized Heat jerseys, basketballs and other memorabilia — plus a backstage photo of Heat star, Chris Bosh with the band. Bosh would later be seen in the crowd attending the show.

photos from AA Arena

Aside from Jeff Ament attending the Heat vs. Bulls game on Thursday night, its unknown whether or not any Pearl Jam/Heat basketball actually did take place. One thing is for certain, Pearl Jam brought the Heat Saturday night during the concert at the American Airlines Arena — opening with “Corduroy” and playing such rarities as “W.M.A.” in full, “Tremor Christ,” “Daughter” — with “It’s OK” tag and “Pilate.”

Cheers to the Miami Heat and the American Airlines arena for showing such respect and making it fun and adding to the excitement.

chris bosh photos by shawn healey

Pearl Jam American Airlines Arena Setlist: April 9, 2016:

01. Corduroy

02. Do The Evolution

03. Mind Your Manners

04. Save You

05. Pilate

06. Dissident

07. W.M.A. (full song-not a tag)

08. Even Flow

(Ed thanks the people working for the building and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat for inviting them over. He says that Jeff got to watch a game but they didn’t get to play basketball) — via

09. Infallible

10. Daughter/It’s OK-(Cole)

11. Sad

12. Down

13. Tremor Christ

14. Wishlist

15. Jeremy

16. State Of Love And Trust

17. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break One

18. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall) solo Eddie Vedder

19. Just Breathe- (Ed and Boom)

20. Sleeping By Myself-full band21. Comfortably Numb-(Waters)

22. Sirens

23. Once

24. Given To Fly

25. Porch

Encore Break Two

26. Soldier Of Love-(Cason, Moon)~played for the audience behind the stage

27. Spin The Black Circle

28. Black

29. Alive

30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

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