The Prospect & Profit Pulling Beginner’s Guide Template

[loosely edited from a live video transcript, watch for grammatical errors]

Let’s dive right into the beginners guide template, and get you acquainted with a the psychology behind it’s power.

Everybody believes there are secret, secret, secrets that if you just knew them …. If you just knew them, somehow …

Somehow you magically have success, right?

Your prospects want to know the beginner tips, and they also want to know the advanced tips. We’ll get to that in a minute.

The reality is, no beginner’s tips are going to work, unless people do them. At the same time, the psychology of it is beginner’s tips pull people in because they think,

“Wow I want to know what this is.”“I can get ahead.”

So what you want to do with the beginner’s guide is just give folks three things that they would want to know to get started. Three things about, speaking like this on live video. One would be, “It’s okay if you have a face made for radio.” You just get on here and talk. Two you know what you’re going to talk about, and use templates. Three play with all three options, Periscope, Blab, and Facebook Live to see two things.

The Beginner’s Guide helps your prospects get launched…

Those could be three beginner’s guide tips to getting started with live video.

Start thinking about that, what are three beginner’s guide tips that you could give around a topic in your niche. That’s simply unleashing your content, then we package it, and cash in on it by making more sales with your content.

Now the next part of that is even if people are rank beginners and they are never even going to get to the advance world. Even if they never made a dime online.

People are intrigued by advanced tips. Beginner’s tips lead easily into advance tips.

You can give three beginner’s tips and three advanced tips very, very easily. You get higher level tips and that way people are more intrigued. This stuff pulls people in.

Every single one of these templates has sound and powerful human psychology behind it, to pull people in. Three beginner’s tips, three advanced tips.

This gives you the benefit of knowing what to say. I talked yesterday about the biggest fear is not about public speaking.

The biggest fear around public speaking is this. It’s not knowing what to say. It’s getting on, hearing on, freezing and not being able to say anything. When you know what to say, like I do, I know what to say on this. When I first started out doing this, I would have a whole list of those, underneath one of the cameras. I still got an outline on one of my screens that I can glance out, watch me glance at it. Did I trick you or could you see me glancing away? Most of it I can just do off the top of my head. All right and you’ll get better and better at it.

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