Minimalist VIM Config for Svelte

Example of vim editing a .svelte file.

If you’re reading this, you probably like things pretty lightweight. Just pick from the features you want. Here’s what I have configured:

Syntax Highlighting

Add this to your .vimrc file:

syntax on
au BuffReadPost *.svelte set syntax=html

Changing the default color scheme

  1. Install JellyBeans colors with the following:
mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors
cd ~/.vim/colors
curl -O

Note: other themes available on You just add the color package to your ~/.vim/colors folder and follow step 2 with the appropriate name.

2. Add the following line to your .vimrc :

colorscheme jellybeans

Enable Line Numbering

Add this to your .vimrc file:

set number




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Jeff Lombard

Jeff Lombard

Web/Mobile Developer

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