What if: Tech could help mitigate DWI cases?

Many of us enjoy getting together with friends or family to enjoy an evening out on the town ever-once-and-awhile. Sometimes, however, we may get a bit carried away and end up in a situation where we risk the safety of ourselves, those we are with and the general public. Yes, I am talking about drinking and driving.

While many of us are careful to limit the amount we drink before driving, or arrange some other mode of transportation, there are those that do not.

What if this problem could be eliminated at the source? Technology is becoming more available and easier to use, and with the advent of the information age, we are able to capitalize on more data then ever before.

Though the initial investment may be a bit too much for many business owners to swallow, there is a solution. Technology is that solution. Bar tops and table tops would be outfitted with a touchscreen ordering system, minimizing the need for additional staff and increasing the ability of patrons to order what they want when they want it. If a patron selects an alcoholic beverage, he/she will be required to swipe their drivers license/id through a card reader attached to the table or counter. You can then use the information from the license or id card (age, sex, weight) swipe, and compare that data to a table of safe alcohol consumption rates. Example: If the patron orders a 16 ounce beer with an ABV of 6.5%, the system will calculate the safe consumption rate for you based on the order and information gathered through the ID swipe. Additionally, if that same patron wishes to order another drink before the recommended time has gone by, the system will display a warning. Something to the effect of: WARNING: You are about to order another alcoholic beverage before the recommended time has expired, if you wish to continue now, please select a method of transportation below: Options could be as follows: Uber, Taxi, Designated Driver (this option requires the sign off of the DD), etc. If they select one of these options, the order can go through. If they select to continue later and wait the recommended amount of time, the order will go in immediately.

This idea could be expanded in many ways, but I think it is time we start using the available technology to solve current societal problems.