Common Sense Driving Tips

if you are driving under the speed limit or slower than traffic, move into the right lane.

Yield doesn’t mean stop.

If you are merging, it is you/re responsibility to speed up or slow-down in order to merge. Your lane is ending, not the car in the next lane over.

You do not have to hit your break every time you want to slow down. Take your foot off the accelerator and your call will naturally slow down.

If you are driving into a round-about that has two lanes going all the way around and you are not getting off at the first exit, stay in the lane closest to the middle of the round-about. If each exit has two lanes that exit stay in the lane you are in.

If you are driving into a round-about and there is no stop sign or stop light, you do not stop if there are no cars coming towards you.

If you have parked at a big event and are exiting it is one for one when coming out of the parking lot.

If you need to pass, pass on the left.

Just because you need to get over does not mean it is okay to put my or anyone else’s life at risk.

If you are about to miss your turn or exit, miss it, and then turn around at the next place you can. Do not drive through three lanes are cut other drivers off so you don’t make a mistake.

Use your turn signal/blinker.

If you ride a motorcycle, don’t mess with cars, you will lose.

Use situational awareness when you’re driving.

Don’t be “That Guy.” Don’t be that guy who waits till the last minute to merge. Or that guy who takes up one and a half parking spots because he doesn’t know how to park. Take five seconds to check to see if you’re in the lines.

If another car lets you get over because your lane is ending or lets you go first, give a courtesy Thank You hand wave.

Horn usage. If a driver isn’t paying attention at a stop light or stop sign, or just in general, use your horn. If a driver almost hits you, use your horn. Don’t be afraid to use your horn.

Don’t text and drive.